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  1. I have created a server called "THE FINAL-FRONTIER" Please can you join it to test to make sure its running ok Thanks
  2. Hey guys, I realy appreciate your help and suport on this Anyway i am looking into it all so i do head in the right direction , Thanks ShoHashi for your quick responce. Looks like "The Prime Fleet Accademy" is the best thing i have read aboput for what i need at pressent,(Hence)Still Looking
  3. I realy would like to join a fleet for multyplayer but cant seem to find out how? I' m not even sure if i can "Being a nOOB, i am working hard on learning all the features and aspect of the game so i can be good at it and to fully understand it and im doing well so far I apolagise if this measage is in the wrong place im still trying to understand all this forum stuff and how it works, i asumed as my measage is fleet related it goes here Anyway please let me know as i could realy do with some seriose hard training ect Thanks Edit: Changed were to where in title. [ 08-09-2004, 08:36 PM: Message edited by: Cmdr Chavik ]
  4. Dean

    Universal Combat Tutorial Discussions

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Yeah, why not? We discuss pretty much everything else If you don't yet have the game, you can grab the PDF tutorial and take a look. Then go look for your nearest retailer. So, tell us how you fared, what you think of the tutorial (from page 1 - 61, since the rest are just tips) etc Hi !! just wanted to say that the UC game is great and the tutorial "WELL" an idiot could follow it lol
  5. quote:Originally posted by prcrash: I have a MP server up right now as I am writing this post. PLease log in to test it. or prcrash.servegame.com hi i think i missed you as im in uk ?? are you still on