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  1. I started a multiplayer server this morning called "The Black Hole". You'll see it listed on the servers list when you fire up the mp game. I'll leave it up and running all night, I have to go to work at the moment, but you're all welcome to jump into the fray Have fun, I'll log into the game in the morning and check out the action! [ 08-24-2004, 08:12 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  2. quote:Knowing that, I would've paid DOUBLE the price!!! (Bet you guys over at 3000AD could've used info like that LOL) I want to officially apologize to the SC for this remark... when I typed it, I didn't realize that Dreamcather pulled that stunt with lowering the price by half until I read the earlier posts in the forum... and may I say it was a sorry stunt at that. Sorry about that Derek...
  3. LOL Very true, I still laugh everytime I look at the manual and my ship gets blown up while I'm doing it, and then I think about Star Trek and how funny it would've been if Captain Kirk or Scotty was reading the manual... KIRK: SCOTTY, WE NEED WARP SPEED NOW!!! SCOTTY: No can do, Cap'n, we kinna find the manual!!! hehe
  4. Hello all, I just bought UC yesterday from Best Buy and I'd have to say I am VERY impressed. The funny thing is, is that I owned the very first original Battlecruiser game, and I had no idea that UC was made by the same company and with the same concept. Knowing that, I would've paid DOUBLE the price!!! (Bet you guys over at 3000AD could've used info like that LOL) I've been a fan of the Battlecruiser series for a long time. Unfortunately, my experience came to an end when I bought Battlecruiser Mellennium and it wouldn't work on my PC. Of course, I have this uncanny talent of modifying a PC to the point that it tries to use the modem as a CPU.... maybe I could make a good living doing that. Hey, do you guys over at 3000AD have any use for someone who can crash a computer in 2.8 seconds?? Anyways, I just wanted to say hello to everyone and that I'm glad to finally find a game forum that isn't seeping with flames, rantings, and other offensive posts. It's very refreshing, to be able to post in peace. I also wanted to say hi to the SC, Derek Smart (did I get your name right?). I've been reading the forum for a coupla hours now, and I think it's really cool that the President of the company who made UC is actually active on the fan forum. Hello to all and see you around the forums!!
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