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  1. Sorry to butt in mate, but I think the SC meant put your system and registration details in your sig, much like mine where you can click it and see the info via link. Its very important that you do so Oh and welcome to the board, hope you enjoy the stay
  2. Hey there Sparhawk, welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy your stay and get the best out the great archives of info and help you can find here!! quote:You're one of the first noobs I've seen to have his/hers system profile up and right in their first postI had mine in my first post
  3. ROTFLMAO, my god that is so funny!!!! im gonna try that, except deliver it to space....
  4. If you remember I was going to be coming to back you up Street after I got some resources, and maybe that may have been a different story. Had I not got fed of the dis-connections I would have joined your ship in combat . Im sorry
  5. quote:Well, anyone who knows how the reactor charge on the support crafts work, should have been able to figure this out. I know SC I feel pretty stupid for not getting the grasp of it . So at the moment im feeling a mix of shame and relief lol
  6. No problem Captain, just dont laugh everytime I get dis-connected Although I did find it pretty funny when I went planetside, got dis-connected and then rejoined, all I see in my chat window is "lol.. did you crash" (for your info Ethan I was VTOLing at 1200 feet launching shuttles) I wont ask you if you need escort next time though, you clearly dont need it
  7. That sounds very similar to what I have come across in some good quality flight sims, when set to do so, the aircraft flies nap-of-the-earth through a box on the HUD using altitude radar and GPS prediction. It does indeed take a great deal of stress from the pilot, I can spend some of that time arming weapons for a bombing run and configuring the LANTIRN bombing system. That truely sounds fantastic, I cant wait to give it a go when you release it.
  8. SC thats fantastic *sigh of relief* thank you very much I think i'll print that description off and put it in the UC case, so I dont forget. everyone involved in this thread owes SC a thank you and a beer. Nice one sir!!
  9. Hi there Captain, I was pleased to be able to join you in your exploits last night, shame I got dis-connected every 5 minutes, looks like you didnt need an escort after all. I think ill stick to baby-sitting the stationary LRT's lol
  10. Thats right it doesnt make much difference in the fuel consumption, im thinking that the reactor setting, increases the power you gain when the solar panels are facing a star, when the NR is switched off. Yes it uses power, but it pumps out more in compensation. The other alternate idea is that it increases the amount of time you can run when the NR is off and the solar panels are not recieving much light. These are the only two things I can think of at the moment, if either is right please please chime in SC, I will test this when I get a chance. I think we are starting to get close here guys
  11. I have to say I do alot of planetary flying around, especially making long calculated approaches to other mission zones, I have never been annoyed about having to keep control at all times, im used to it with flight sims. But having altitude hold would be a big help, it means I can concentrate a bit more on other things like co-ordinating my fighter escort and prepping combat teams, go and make a drink or take a pee even, without pressing pause, I dont like pressing pressing pause, yadda yadda you get the idea!!! Oh and thanks SC
  12. I have had this game for just about a month, I have to say im completely overwhelmed with how good it is, it is definatley the game for me, because I am a hard-core strategy wargamer and flight sim crazy, so the mix of piloting assets and commanding wings of fighters, sqauds of marines is right up my street!!! I have not had any trouble picking up the game because of flight-sim and wargame experience, and everything that I have needed filled in has come from the manual funnily enough, even from my first battlecruiser game ( BCMG ). The scope of this game is far beyond the average gamers imagination, insted of being told what to do and thats the end of the game, its your story and your fight. That is what im still trying to get over, nothing is impossible with a little imagination in this game. Another thing is, every time you start a new career, nothing is the same as it was last time, nothing is predictable. I go for games that hold a requirement for a bit of thinking otherwise it bores me and theres no challenge. with UC and the whole battlecruiser series there is always something to be considering and important decisions to be made all the time. I could dominate an entire thread praising this game, but perhaps I should just say, I love this game to bits . SC continue your great work, despite gamers with walnut sized brains that play mindless games while eating junk food and dribbling on themselves , trashing the battlecruiser series on forums and reviews, IMHO your games are far superior to any space simstrategy ever made . Its quite an acheivment in itself that you have attracted a hard-core wargamer (myself), that is scepticle about space games into playing a space game and enjoying it with no complaints other than why arnt there more of these on the market!!! Just my 50 cents Terry
  13. My ship has all the upgrades and a loada money, but alas I have worked so hard to get it all together the thought of giving someone an easy ride at my expense doesnt appeal to me , im sure many of the other commanders here would feel the same. No offence meant, just voicng my opinion
  14. quote:Not even close. Putting it to level 10 allows the ship's septic and waste disposal systems to work when the reactor is down. Otherwise the system gets backed up and Resnig has to go down with a plunger in hand to remedy the problem. I bet if we watch the outside of the ship long enough, we will see the waste being ejected into space.......LMAO!! now thats funny!!!!
  15. Perhaps the solar reactor has a secondary use as a BBQ for cooking Gammulans. For all your Gam cooking needs!!! Turn the heat up and down from Logistix for meals in minutes
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