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  1. wow! this just keeps getting better and better. SC just doesn't slow down I've been wondering for a long time when we'd be able to have an "inside the ship" component. Definitely looking forward to this one. Where do I preorder?
  2. Can anyone reccommend any good titles which fit in this category? Games you can play on a Windows PC using 2 Xbox 360 USB controllers which utilize a split screen so two players can go head to head on the machine. I've found it hard to find such a title. Was thinking it'd be fun for parties so people could go up against each other. I don't have a console system, but I'm hoping there's something for a Windows PC which would do this. As one example I tried TOCA Race Driver 3 from CodeMasters. It supports split screen, multiplayer, but would you believe in multiplayer it only lets 1 player use a controller? The other has to use the keyboard. Imagine racing with the keyboard... Anyway, figured I'd check here and see if anyone had any suggestions.
  3. Yea, I agree, although my gripe with WoW is more the game mechanics themselves not only the community of players. I think the next great MMORPG will be Darkfall Online. Rather than explaining why I don't like the WoW game mechanics, I think its clearer to point to DFO and just say, WoW sucks because its completely opposite of everything DFO will (hopefully) be
  4. "really really good" and WoW don't belong in the same sentence
  5. WoW is the McDonald's of MMOs. Millions served, yet mediocre food. Its the most popular, most successful, horrible game I've ever played. To the OP, its rare that launch day is EVER smooth for an MMO I remember playing on day 1 when WoW originally was released. All sorts of problems. If you played any MMOs, you sort of expect release day to be off and on, mostly off, if you're lucky, sometimes on. 'course, your first mistake was picking WoW as the MMO to play anyway
  6. wrt to your question, I have no idea but that is a great song. That pulse CD set was just awesome! Anyway, though, why are you playing BCM and not something like UCCE? Just curious. Actually GCESSE is quite a bit of fun as well, but if you really want the full BC/UC experience I would think your best best would be UCCE.
  7. I think I'm in a similar boat. I have a Saitek X-45 HOTAS which I bought for Falcon 4.0 Allied Force (an F-16 sim). It doesn't twist, but it does have a separate flight stick and throttle and on the throttle handle is a rocker which does yaw. So I guess its essentially the same thing as a joystick with twist. Unfortunately, the Saitek programming software, although it lets you do quite a bit, doesn't let you swap axes as far as I can see. When flying Falcon, you're rarely pounding on the yaw. You mostly use yaw for taxi'ing around and takeoff/landing. With something like GCESSE you have significant yaw control authority and so its a much easier thing to pull something onto your crosshairs by yawing as opposed to always having to roll so its above you then pull it to you. In other words, I end up yaw'ing about MUCH more in GCESSE than I ever would need to in Falcon. So the weakness of the yaw rocker on my stick has become more apparent. The rocker has very little travel so its not very precise for bringing something into the crosshairs, the x-axis would be much nicer for that. I have CH Pro Pedals which would help, but pedals aren't supported. I believe CH has the ability to merge controllers, but I haven't tried that. That would present a single controller to the game. 'course, then it would have 2 yaw axes, so not sure what would happen.
  8. yea, good point. understood. it was primarily for if you're working through the tutorial using the in-game docs, so you want to repeatedly switch between the in-game tutorial doc and the game to try stuff. but you're right, the printed version works for that as well which is what I ended up doing
  9. when playing the game, the joystick buttons work. I can use the hat to cycle targets, I can pull the trigger to fire guns, etc. so the game is able to get button input from the stick, which is why it seemed like a freeze to me. I'll write it up as a ticket. I thought that could be as well and I tried unplugging the pedals, but got the same results. Anyway, as I said I'm able to use the joystick and I'll write up a ticket. crap, I guess I shouldn't have admitted to using the menus After some more testing, I don't think its due to AA. I set AA to 0 and turned off HDR for the heck of it and saw the darkening (although not complete shutoff) of the background textures. I'll make sure I have the latest drivers. Maybe its as simple as a driver update. Thanks for the responses. As I said, nothing show stopping here, seems to be running very well overall.
  10. well, I was just thinking have it remember the last page it was on and when going into the help returning to that page. so I guess it would be like a single bookmark. The problem is now, when you're reading page 15 and you want to switch back to the game, when you return to the help you have to page down 14 times to get back. If it would just remember that the last viewed page was 15, then next time you hit Ctrl+H, for example, it would start at page 15 instead of 1. So maybe a single automatic bookmark for each document as opposed to something controllable by the user.
  11. Overall the game ran very well, performance was good, and most everything seemed to work great. No real show-stopper issues to report. I did run into minor stuff and have listed some items below, but none of them prevented playing and enjoying the game. Pentium-D 2.8GHz, 2GB RAM GeForce 8600 GTS 256MB Windows XP SP2 Saitek X-45 HOTAS joystick When going into Options, Keys, and selecting my joystick, if I then try and click one of the actions to map a button to it, the game freezes and I have to kill it with task mgr; leaving the defaults works fine and the joystick is fully useable in game I also have CH Products Pro Pedals; it might be nice to be able to set them up for yaw, since the X-45 throttle yaw lever is a bit annoying to use; the pedals provide smoother motion; Not sure if this is possible though Selecting TACOPS from the menu system takes you to the save game and exit command, the menu item must be mapped to the wrong command; using Alt-T works fine and does take you to TACOPS I found that turning up anti-aliasing in the settings caused the MFDs and panel cluster to sometimes render very darkly, other times not render at all, and it also seemed to cause some other anomolies, where the pilot wouldn't be shown when looking back, the cockpit when looking forward was obscured by something in front of it, etc.; turning off anti-aliasing (setting it to 0) cleared this up Anyway, so far it looks like a great game! Looking forward to getting some more time on it.
  12. You've done a fine job with the new game! I just finished playing for several hours tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it. The graphics/sounds/effects are really well done; quite impressive I'd say its well worth buying a copy if you enjoy space gaming. Having the manual in-game is a really nice feature. It might be a help to have it return to the page you were viewing last time you were in it, but it worked well for quickly looking something up. Its been a long time since I was flying UC, so I spent the evening working through the tutorial and getting up to speed on stuff again so I haven't flown any of the real missions yet. Definitely a winner! This game will be a lot of fun. Anyway, time to get some sleep.
  13. yes, I got it from gamersgate. I'm ready to give it a run tonight after work!
  14. They added a note to the pre-order page for the game (link). They added that pretty recently. I checked a week earlier and there was no mention of it. Anyway, time to re-schedule my weekend
  15. This one looks pretty amazing. I mean, come on, you can go from creating organisms in primordial soup to space travel? Almost seems overly ambitious. It was amazing to watch the video and see how you can create your own creature and the engine just figures out how to make it behave and animate. Definitely some smart stuff going on there.
  16. The game looks visually stunning, especially the char animations. I was asking someone who has played it on the console for more info and here was the response. === I guess my question about mass effect is the following. Is it a truly non-linear world you can explore and take whatever path you want, or is it a more linear scripted experience, where you do objective A, then B, then C? === It's a hybrid per say. About a few hours into the game, you get a ship, and with it, the ability to travel the universe. At first glance, it seems that your options are so vast, with system after system, each one having a myriad of planets and moons to explore. But when you take a closer look at it, you realize that each system has precisely one place you can land on and explore, and even then you are cruising around a bland landscape in the worst handling automobile ever to grace a video game, looking for "points of interest". These usually consist of a node to mine that effectively has no bearing on the game, or a small platoon of people you shoot, and get a small bit of loot. If you are going into it looking for a sandbox game with fantastic elements of story and script, you will be disappointed. If you going into it looking for an action rpg with a fantastic story and script, with elements of a sandbox game, you'll be a happy camper. It's all about that perspective. === So I guess it might not be as good as it could be, but it could still be a lot of fun I've never played it on the console myself so I'm just guessing here based on what I was told.
  17. those slackers at direct2drive are saying they're not gonna have the download available until 3/7... argh! although I guess that is in time for the weekend
  18. looks nice looking forward to trying out the new game!
  19. quote:just in case someone else doesn't realize that the use of headphones has nothing to do with sound reproductionif you're just plugging in an audio jack headset into your existing sound card thats true, but from what I could see with this USB headset, it created a separate audio device which ends up using whatever default generic drivers get assigned to it. my built-in sound card (Audigy 2 ZS) works great and there's no need to drop the accel. settings. this puts itself in there as a separate sound device and this device can't handle the full accel. setting with the driver it uses. perhaps the lesson is not to use a cheap USB headset :-) but, they are convenient since you don't have to dive around behind your machine, you can just plug right into an up front USB port.
  20. None, just wanted to provide a data point for reference; you're right the FAQ does cover this though; my bad.
  21. I recently started using a USB headset. I noticed with UCAWA (1.00.15) that the headset sound was at times messed up (specifically, when using F10 to view a target, you'd get this shrill noise in your ear). Granted, unplugging the headset and using my SB Audigy 2 ZS worked fine, but I liked being able to use the headset so as not to disturb the rest of the house as I'm getting blown to pieces by the enemy! The headset itself is labeled as Altec Lansing and the Windows sound control panel lists it as "C-Media USB Headphone Set". The headset didn't come with a CD as they just expect you to use the built-in drivers (it uses usbaudio.sys, v5.01.2600.2180, 8/3/2004). And I wasn't able to find any updated drivers for download on the net. Anyway, the solution was to simply drop down the HW accelleration in the sound control panel by 1 notch. Doing this seems to have fixed the problem and its working smoothly now. ===== - Start => Control Panel => Sounds and Audio Devices - Audio tab, select Sound Playback device and click Advanced - under performance tab, drop the HW accelleration by 1 notch
  22. That'll work this weekend and through next week. Following next week, that window of time would only work for me on weekends.
  23. Hi all, I just joined up. My training availability is mostly evenings (GMT-5) and weekends. Hope to do some flying with you all soon!
  24. for a straight comparison of the numbers you may find the below to be of help. Asset Comparison
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