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  1. Ack I missed it. Happy B-day anyway boss.
  2. Hey all. I just wanted to let you know that I'm free today and will be free again next thursday. I have my IM open most of the time now so let me know what's up. Im on aol and yahoo as y2kewel.
  3. Hey all, sorry I've been gone for so long.
  4. What? Microsoft has something that doesnÔÇÖt work? WhoÔÇÖd a thunk it?
  5. That puts it at 11am for me so I'll be at work. Have fun guys.
  6. The problems that I was having seem to be fixed now. Thanks SC.
  7. quote:Leave all that for the politians. Indeed. On second thought Street, I don't believe a response is necessary. If you'd like me to respond then I will. I believe my point has been made though.
  8. Thank you Shingen for pointing out the SC's thread. I did read it though before making my last post and believe it to be well within the guidlines. I do however apologize for my contribution to taking this thread further off topic. Street, my response to you will be placed in its own thread.
  9. Street quote:Not, to be offensive My ass, Street. You have been deliberately going out of your way to be as offensive as possible, and working hard to piss off as many people as possible. If you really want to avoid being offensive then bite your damn tongue. I love my country with all of my heart. I would kill for it in a New York second, and die for it just as quickly. I believe everyone has a right to express their opinion no matter how misguided. If you are not willing to stand up for what you say and actually answer questions posed to you about your position, then shut your yap. Until now I have been mildly amused by your willingness to believe every bit of garbage that floats into your view supporting your self-righteous sense of outrage about what America is doing in the world without the slightest bit of respectable support. So far you have sighted ÔÇ£ResistanceÔÇØ, a terrible rag of a magazine that spouts the most thinly veiled form of militant alarmism designed to excite only those that would easily be described as the ÔÇ£lowestÔÇØ common denominator of American society. You have also sighted among your sources a website that appears to be dedicated to the environment. Hey, thatÔÇÖs cool-- I have no problem with environmentalists at all, but when their report on the international court and President Bush canÔÇÖt be linked to any reputable journalistic or judicial sources, then perhaps another source for this ÔÇ£informationÔÇØ should be found. You also posted links, in one of your most recent tirades, to documents that threw you own arguments out the window. You did your oppositionÔÇÖs work for them. In case you havenÔÇÖt noticed, there has been a drop off in the number of responses to your posts. ThatÔÇÖs because you are no longer amusing. You are perfectly free to disagree with our leaders; this is a right granted to us by the Constitution, but it is not your right to blatantly disrespect those that you are talking about or to. Just as the protesters of Vietnam had the right to disagree with the current events of the time, they did not have the right to spit on our soldiers and call them ÔÇ£baby killersÔÇØ and ÔÇ£criminalsÔÇØ. Your insistence that our Commander and Chief is a war criminal and that he is committing ÔÇ£genocidal crimesÔÇØ against humanity are utterly offensive. You compared President Bush to Adolph Hitler, or at least quoted someone who did. I find it hard to believe that you did not know that this would be offensive, so it is apparent that you deliberately tried to offend everyone on these boards. Many of the people involved in these arguments are guilty of some minor name-calling and wanton bickering, but none have demonstrated the blatant disrespect and open loathing that you have for a country that you claim to have defended. Your most recent posts in several different threads have proven my position regarding the above comment concerning your attitude towards America. If your claims of being a military man and seeing war first hand are true, then I hold you in the highest respect, despite my harsh words. At the same time IÔÇÖm ashamed that a fellow veteran would act and talk the way you do. IÔÇÖll not ask you to prove your military history. I believe you to be a generally honest person, so I will take you at your word. Only you know the truth.
  10. I have to work all weekend but my origanal time slot is still good.
  11. I seem to have the wrong password for dercer 2. I can't seem to get in
  12. A man gets pulled over for speeding. The man's wife explanes to the officer the he couldn't have been speeding because "I never let him speed when he's been drinking."
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