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  1. quote:CHEATS! According to what I read, all cheats are in the manual? Random british accented fool: But I dun' see anay' chates! And niether do I... Technically UC_TUTORIAL.PDF is part of the manual, and it is mentioned in there. Otherwise how else would I know there's a way to access a cheat mode?
  2. My 9 gig C drive just crashed and burned five minutes ago. I bought it in 1997. Do you know how hard it is to find your drones when your Command Craft's 9 gig hard disk is dead?! Anyway, before I was 100% sure that I would be able to find my drones on the support menu, I wrote down the coordinates displayed in the bottom right of the planet view screen as you move your mouse over the planet, then clicked. The second thing I did was deployed a drone, then experimented to make sure it would show up on the Zoom-->Support Units menu. It only takes like 5 neurons firing to figure things like this out. If you see coordinates in a game, they might be there for a reason. Are you guys repulsed by the old pen and paper? I can't imagine not having pens, papers and manuals next to my 'puter for just about anything I'm doing... Anyway, XP has reinstalled now. But my faith in my 9 gig drive is not very high anymore, and the last time I checked there weren't any under the Spare Parts menu in TradeCom in the Pluto system I need to get the mothership back on line, my addiction is driving me!
  3. I walk around on my firestorm every now and then just to get a feel for how huge that ship is. What was even more impressive was zooming out once and looking at my firestorm against a massive space station. Sometimes you just need a feel for the perspective. I get the jittering while walking on the craft as well, and also notice this "bouncing" behavior when observing crafts that are getting towed. At any rate, it doesn't affect game play.
  4. quote:Originally posted by Commander Jamont: can i say read the manual please? No. SC does just fine with his own forum posts. For those of us that do read everything, that gets really old. I use my laptop with the Appendix in one browser tab and these forums in another to search. Everyone should be allowed to express happiness at (re)discovering free stuff! But unless you're Rain Man, it's near impossible to have everything memorized in the first week of playing UC, and if I had everything memorized and understood it all, I most definitely wouldn't play it. It's about discovery, man! YAY! Free repairs at friendly space stations! It is most definitely documented somewhere -- but isn't that wonderful anyway? Thank you
  5. 200 million! *boggle* Now I don't feel bad at all about losing only 3 days of play! So sorry man, I feel for you!
  6. And the real *@#! irony of it all is that I just deleted my save game and have to start over as well, from scratch. (SC: the delete interface isn't intuitive - it allows you to highlight a specific save game, pops confirmation, then blows everything away. Suggest rewording the confirmation message to "All saves for this player will be deleted! Type 'I DONT WANNA BE A NOOB' to continue" *groan*) Oh well, it's okay, because as I've said -- quote:( millions of bucks only takes 1 day with 4 mining drones I'm starting over tomorrow. I feel like I've erased my entire weekend, but I guess it's not all bad. It will at least solve one major glitch: Resnig's AI was higher than the rest of the command staff and THAT is a bad situation!
  7. (a) Training, as in training up your crew, or training as in the training mission? If it was just the training mission, you probably want a fresh ROAM scenario anyway. ( millions of bucks only takes 1 day with 4 mining drones deployed © You probably need much more than one ship to destroy the galaxy and finally, (d) why would any retail game knowingly ship with debug symbols and make this information available to everyone (including competitors)? All the cheats that exists are published in the manuals. Save periodically - I usually do so about every 3 hours or before trying something stupid.
  8. The repairs ARE free at a friendly?! I was observing today that my cash wasn't going down as the station's engineers worked on my carrier. I've spent at least 2 million on repairs myself! I guess my own engineers are better off for that anyway. I took out ships and collected a ton of cargo pods at one point today, and then my finger slipped on the Windows key. After putting up with that windows key for 6 years, I finally took a paperclip, popped it off and put tape over the grommet so dirt wouldn't fall in. My point is, even in outter space, Bill Gates can get me.
  9. So I'm doing ops all day in my Firestorm, and nearly got completely owned at Venus. Right now, as I type this, my shuttle is towing me back to Earth for repairs. Perscan computer shows that things are pretty bad, but I don't have access to any other information. It was lucky I had a shuttle deployed, and a wing of fighters. Thankfully, I picked up all four mining drones (100% full) from Pluto earlier, and should have money to get at least some things back online. This will be painful, but the experience is still awesome. I'm just really worried that my crew will think sending the fighter squad to help that MIL/POL was stupid Edit/Update Well, it appears my ship is basically toast. I think all that was left was the bulkhead, a six pack of beer and some toilet paper, and not enough money to even fix Deck 1 let alone anything else That was totally fun hehe
  10. My theory is that if SC is grinning and not telling us, I should keep it at 10 whevenver I have the power because somehow it's converting more raw solar energy into efficient energy the ship can use, maybe keeping the batteries alive longer, or something. I haven't tested this theory, but it *seems* that things recharge faster when I'm in the sunshine. Since I'm not moving from this computer room for the next few days (drinking beer, eating pretzels, flying around the galaxy), I'll just let my curiosity run wild. I do software and appliance QA professionally, and I really don't want to do what I do for a living on my free time!
  11. /taunt on Megaron this, megaron that, you're all like the guys that buy a Corvette to compensate for something! I'll show you a bigger target already... /taunt off I got home at 7pm last night and finally got away from work. I spent over an hour in the appendix before making my choice, and after playing until 5 in the morning in ROAM mode, I really like commanding the FIRESTORM. You can't get too hung up on the numbers when you're a Commander with an eye for intimidation! /taunt on (If intimidation were a programmatic factor, UC wouldn't be fun -- all the megarons would just be running and blubbering in the presence of my Firestorm's shadow on a daily basis) /taunt off More seriously, the Firestorm not only looks cool, but the specs are creatively interesting. It has thicker armor and ten turrets. It launches 8 super-fighters (Zenstars and S24 Ravens) which have better shields and armor than the Supers found on the Aestrom or Stormcarrier (S-Fighter and L-Fighter), and are faster than any of the other fighters available. Even better is the coverage achieved. While orbiting, two fighters can remain in space on STS patrol while two or four can be sent to a planet surface to provide operational coverage, leaving two on standby. The Firestorm gives flexibility in that a number of fighters can return from a sortie and go in for refitting, while ther other four can leave on patrol, and as such a respectable fighter compliment is always ready. Four shuttles means four drones, and four drones (as I've discovered) means money, and money means a crapload of Radine/Iridium/Plutonium. Did I mention the 10 PTA turrets and the cloak? The Megawrong was fun during the tutorial, but from a role-play and game-play perspective, I just have to go against the popular vote. I think I'm going to stick with this ship for a while, I'm having so much fun. Carriers are a different mindset, I guess!
  12. Cloaked ship?! But... but, I never saw it coming! Okay, that explains a few things. I couldn't figure out where all those white dots were coming from, and figured it must be some crazy long-range station ability, but a cloaked ship makes a lot more sense. I'm eager to get home tonight and have another go at it
  13. I started playing the Campaign tonight, but I'm still understanding tactics and controls, and just taking it slow. It's about having a good time while learning. Well some lessons are more to the point than others. I kicked some butt to start with, which built up my confidence. I'm managing power like a pro- keeping the solar panels tuned, turning off what I don't need -- I even got boarded and locked the invaders down in the shuttle bay and then watched my marines take care of business. Anyway, I'm hanging out in a dangerous sector, not wanted, and watch casually as my turrets take out 4 interceptors and some noob SC pilot who thought he'd tow his buddy. Disabled ships make great bait. All of a sudden a station starts firing and I'm taking damage to all decks! I set my engineers to work, but it's no use. So I'm like, this is awesome. I've got nothing left -- might as well set the FATAL for the space station and warp over there for glory or martyrdom! I don't quite reach it, but there's a neutral ship in the area. More missiles. "Ion disruptor, offline." "hull integrity failing." "navigational computer destroyed." "Crew quarters damaged." "Captains bathroom toilet, destroyed." [and on and on.] The Hard Lesson --------------- So I start thinking maybe sending out an S.O.S. beacon would be good. Hrm... Alt-S... no that's not it. How about Control-S... "Shields Powering Up!" (/stares blankly at the little energy bar...)
  14. quote:Originally posted by Admiral Tigerclaw: [QB] QUICKLY! BEFORE THEY FIND YOU! REGISTER! REGISTER AND PUT A LINK TO THE REGISTRATION INFO IN YOUR SIGNATURE! THERE IS NO HOPE IF YOU DON'T! THEY ARE COMING! THEY ARE COMINNNNNNG!!!!! So the hilarious thing about the panic is I lurked for a couple of days before ever posting. When I did, I basically registered to the forums and then posted. Then I saw the "Welcome, n00b" email and figured it was probably the same lame greeting and information about UCB code as every other forum software board... but I should take a look anyway. So then I saw the part about mandatory linkage of system profile, and whirled into a panic to fill in that info and get the signature adjusted. I was expecting some instant-deletion process to run that was nuking my post as I typed! Dealing with panic and learning discipline are all about good commander training. While we're at it, planning is another skill. Examples: Panic: You ALT-E to space walk over to your fighter because the pilot got killed and the co-pilot is stranded. You watch your CC change course and start moving away, and realize it's going to take at least 8 charges of your jetpack to get back to it. Discipline: I threw my navigation officer into the detention center, put on the parking break, flew back to the fighter and went for a spacewalk to show the co-pilot that the Commander was taking this matter seriously. Planning (or rather, not planning): I should have sent a shuttle to tow it, but the space walk idea was definitely more fun at the time. (P.S. I completed the entire training course tonight, and added plenty of experimentation! )
  15. I've been busting my butt for nearly 3 weeks with only 1 day off, and didn't get home until nearly midnight last night from work! But I love my job, and my manager is awesome. Today at 5pm I go up to him and say "Hey... so, I think I'm going to go home like, now, to play video games." So he says "Fine, you're fired... but you're rehired tomorrow morning! Get outta here, go home!" AND the awesome thing is my wife is all hooked up with some blockbuster movies. THAT means I get to command some spaceships, and send some hapless pilots to their death (they don't know how bad I am at landing a CC after planetfall -- but I do know now, after the tutorial, that that is NOT the time to go get a beer). Woohoo! I'm off into space...
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