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  1. Sas

    Help please

    The disk is bought in Russia (Kaliningrad, shop the Monitor), the site of the distributor http: // www.akella.com. a disk is packed in Jewel case. on a disk only key for protection against record, it does not approach. = (when has written in техподдержку about a problem with rise have told, that will address to you and all... On a disk there is a management(manual) but in it also this key is not present.the disk is license.
  2. Sas

    Help please

    And where there is serial number I can not it find =( He need for register. [ 08-31-2004, 12:42 PM: Message edited by: SasKaterpi ]
  3. Sas

    Help please

    There are 2 questions and story about 1 (I so I think) bug. so under the order: How to leave a planet, as the ship to put into an orbit of a planet, and how to receive the tasks (for example in training the greeting is written, you here you will be will be trained and ето and there is all "Detailed" training? =)). Now about a mistake. I leave(abandon) a planet, (I in the ship) give a team to fly on base, the roller of call in an atmosphere is lost. The truth is cheerful =).