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  1. I CANNOT get this demo to work!!!! I have a Radeon 9200 with a 1.6 GIG Athlon. What could be wrong???
  2. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!!! I have the UC demo. ive tried running it on an Nvidia Riva TNT2, and an S3 Prosavage+utilites. I put the Assets fix in the GFX folder (When i got the assets fix, should I have just put the Assests file in the GFX folder, or unzip the assets and add the pics to the old assets?). When I tried it on the Nvidia, i walked around for 5 seconds, then the whole game shut down. It does the same thing when I try to enter the Config. Menu also. Is anyone else having the same problems? Can SOMEBODY,ANYBODY HELP!!!!!! I want to get this fixed so I can buy the full game.
  3. Sorry, a ATI 7500 card, not 2600 or 2900
  4. Sorry, I have the Ultimate Combat Demo. Im running on Windows XP, with an AMD Athlon 1900+. My graphics card is an S3 Graphics Prosavage+Utilites. I also have DirectX 9. I had another question also. Are there any problems with running the game on an ATI card? I have another computer and I was planning on getting an ATI 2600 Card or 2900.
  5. Everytime I try to play as a Marine, the entire Demo Shuts down! Can someone Help?
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