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  1. SC means.. Ok, so you send out cruisers, or carriers, or whatever. In theory, once something returns to a station, would it be instantly ready to go back out? No. If you wait a while, the option will reappear. In this game PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE.. honestly.. the game takes time to play.
  2. It took me quite some time to get enough exp to get fleet C&C. And with any caste, you can get up to the rank of SC, and you still get C&C like the rest. Caste determines what space stations you have control of (in the begining, cuz you can always go and capture other stations and then control them)
  3. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Infamous Commander: quote:NOTE: if using PRELOAD 3D MODELS you must have DXT compression turned on, otherwise only models will be preloaded and not their textures. This is due to the amount of memory (almost 1GB) which will be loaded during model preloading and which will cause an initial memory spike as the uncompressed textures are loaded.It talks about a memory spike. Yet no warning of the consequences of not meeting the requirements.. So, I just tried it to see if it would work because If it added "smoother gameplay" I was all for it, hehe. That note is not for the that option. Go back and read the PDF file again. yeah read it again B^&*$
  4. quote:Originally posted by Papi: (no slave markets here ) Well actually.. In UC, I have developed my own little black market trade.. its called RENSIG FOR SALE!!!!! Take this odd thing off my ship for only 5 bucks! Hes potty trained, and he knows how to hold a gun!
  5. Well.. Looks like your screwed. Maybe! http://www.3000ad.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?u...t=000135#000000 Suggestions: Get more ram... Close ALL other non essential programs BEFORE you run UC, that way you will have as much available as you can. Make sure you have the most updated patch.. And.. pray. If all else fails.. Get a heavy object and drop it on your computer ^.^
  6. also, keep in mind, if all else fails.. Be sure to keep a sledgehammer, or perhaps a crowbar handy. FIX ALL YOU COMPUTR PROLLEMZ!!
  7. Bah.. Forget Curry.. Forget rensig too. I recall leaving him on.... where was that? hmm.. Whatever.
  8. quote:Originally posted by Thor Chan: I'm a new comer here... Just downloaded and watched the movie.That's really incredible.The hyper jump just like the wrapping in Star Trek.Beautiful and amazing.Well done to the dev. team. First off, welcome to the world of UC.. Second off, dont say dev team, say SC or Derek Smart. ^.^ Will keep you from being Back on topic. I just watched the movie.... Oooohhh I do belive I have wet myself. Ooooooooohhhhh god I love it all... The hyper jump, the ship models oh the detail.. and the shiny I like shiny! And.. the planet.. DEREK R MY GODH
  9. I haven't actually tested it.. But there are probably a few factors. 1. Type of vehicle (In this case ATV obviously) 2. Shields on or off? (Power usage) 3. Turrets in use?(where applicable) 4. Main gun use? (Where applicable)
  10. thats pretty funny Apparently you run a lax ship. Uhhmmm Some of us dont have as.. loose leashes on our crews -hides his bullwhip-
  11. -Sighs- How dissapointing this is.... -Salutes- This is Cadet Joshuwa Rix. Sir! Requesting permission to leave the fleet. -Hands over papers of resignation- Perhaps some day I will have the commitment to be a part of this fleet. Now.. Is not the time. I am sorry.
  12. Wow... That looks and sounds godly.. SO mine
  13. Mebbee... If Someone made the UC computer system into a desktop.. That would be cool.
  14. Hah~~!! I was right. Well. I will start to care less about my medic/engineering marines. Or.. maybe use them even more. Hmm.
  15. Wow...... How would that be hacking the forums.. He is the head admin of them
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