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  1. Highly doubt this is the problem.. But to check with you. How did you patch your client? Did you download to desktop and just patch from there (BAD WAY)

    Or did you download to UC file with Uc.exe (or whatever the file is called) and patch from there?

    If you did it the first way, I suggest you repatch the second way. I know when I was fresh, I patched wrong. And.. it gave me quite a few problems.

    Even though the patching probably isnt any part of your current problem, I just wanted to let you know.

  2. Heres my experience.

    In your shuttle, set the command to hault using the commands on the right side, or any other method you know of. Then get fairly close to your CC (so you can jetpack to it). Jump out of your shuttle and fly over to your CC, when your just about on it, press / and you will enter it.

    You can then start getting your ship repaired. If it is really bad, you can go to your side commands and tell your shuttle to tow your CC, then deliver it to the nearest space station. That should get you moving. Now you can go about fixing up your ship and crew.

    Follow the clean up suggestions in the manual and you should be fine.

    Hope this helps.

  3. quote:

    Originally posted by richterm:

    I'd download the next BC product in a heartbeat. Much easier than driving to the store and has the instant gratification that mail order can't give you.

    Heh.. or the instant.. hour or so wait gratification a laggy network can give you

    Well I would still download it because I have a pretty fast connection. I love UC.

  4. quote:

    Originally posted by BombFox:

    If im feeling competitive I put Resnig and some of his stupid marines into other OC's and set a circular course of waypoints around the CC and then challenge them to a 15 lap race around it

    Time for a newbie moment...

    I am depressed all ready just asking this.

    Who is Resnig -.-

  5. quote:

    Originally posted by SG:

    okay, I did everything Cmdr Chavik told me too (which is pretty much what I already did) and, as before, the little square used to deploy the craft is dark green, with no launching option...everything is listed as ready, and the copilot is in the craft, but I'm still listed as being in the bay... (is this a bug, or something? I only have the original version, unpatched, no updates...)

    be sure to have assigned the 2 engineers to ready the ship.. 6 minutes to ready one. Also, you may want to see if the ship is dammaged? your CC and/or the FC. Sometimes that can keep from a launch. I know right now on one of my saves, i have 3 go lights and a dark green, still waiting on something. Not sure what though.

    I'll see how it comes out, but i would update to the .14 patch and just retry it all >.<

    take everything off the FC, make sure its 100%, power, reload pilot/co, 2 engineers, and then a 6 minute wait to see if its set. If not... then i have just about no idea what is wrong

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