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  1. Joshuwa Rix reporting to Prime fleet. Just applied.
  2. i will be on in a bit.. if I can get this damn XP update done within the next few years -.-
  3. ooooohhh!!! I am installing the patch now.. this will rock
  4. oh.. sorry, misread your last post. hmm.. just wait it out on perscan? also do as i said in my last post, you might just want to move the pilots to a new FC.. launch that while the engineers are workin
  5. once you launch a FC, and then have it return, you must set 1 or 2 engineers to prepare it for a second launch. this takes about 5 minutes for it to be able to launch again. You just need to wait out the wait. or move your 2 pilots to another ready FC. yeah...
  6. ooohohohohohooooo i am just itching to get this thing downloaded.. hmm no mike... maybe ill go steal my dad's... muhuhahaha!! By the way, I'm Rix, and this is my first post You will be seeing me
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