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    Clare, Ireland; GMT (standard) = (GMT +0); IST (daylight) = (GMT +1)
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    heh, i like games, and i love roleplay
  1. Cpt. Ethan Stone

    Name your favorite ship!

    I have to say that im caught between the questar(fast, sexy, manouverable . . and small) and the Aestrom (Huge, sexy, powerful with a uniuque, yet exotic design. i mean, when you look at her in space, you feel her, and nothing else . .*grins*). they are me favourites. a close third would be the generis . . a nice wee transport.
  2. Cpt. Ethan Stone

    heh, awful lonely . .. .

    I got me a new boat . . StarCarrier, ye sexy beast . .now to find Khan . . .lol
  3. Cpt. Ethan Stone

    heh, awful lonely . .. .

    *grins* thanks bombfox, and im enjoying my time with you guys as well, even CC . .*grins* and CC, no offence, but i play fer fun, hence the Generis, a nice choice in my opinion . ..but hey, for you, i can bring out my fav ship every now and then . .The space star . .*winks* a really nice combat oriented ship . .lol and, thanks again for your help, every one . . Cpt Stone.
  4. Cpt. Ethan Stone

    heh, awful lonely . .. .

    *grins* thanks fer yer help, all. found out that server 4 and 3 are active mostly on weekends, lol. no im runnin round in a Generis, acting as AFSC (Armed Fleet Support Craft), and its fun . . *grins*, a definate underdog, but fun as hell. again, thanks. CPT. Ethan Stone.
  5. Cpt. Ethan Stone

    Solar reactor

    hello all, Cpt. Stone here with a crazy rant on Solar Theory . . okay, where to begin? well, i should like to point out that i have ran two controlled tests, each on two vessals. the test subjcts- Quester and Firestorm. EX001: test subjects were set at sufficient angle to get 99% solar coverage of panels. hypothothosis- well,the idea was to investigate the panel and reactors reaction on power conversion at multiple angles, and various power settings. Conclusion- regardless of power allotment, solar panels and solar reactor generated exactly the same amount, at any angle. however, i dont know if it was just me or my sleep deprivation and ship humping techniques, but i think i noticed, that with the power allottment and maximum, the panels seemed to gather light more effeciently . .but then again, coulda been my imagination. EX002:nuclear reactor was shut down aproximatly 5000 kilometres from Galcom HQ. Hypothosis- that the power allotment affected ship functionallity without nuclear reactor. Conclusion- critical systems where maintained . . . ship t/s was 50, after the majority of a day, (pta prmary and secondary, as well as launch control was feeding off of solar reactor, and ship maintained sufficent angle to maximise solar intake, resulting in the oddest flight ), both subjects made it back in one peice. a note must be added here . .in several seperate instances, enemies had a chance to attack, but did not? was it ignorance, or a connection to submarines *running silent*? i will experiment further on this theory.but, basically, the power allotment did not affect power allocation to other nessaccary systems. in fact, it may have hindered them (especially the firestom, whos piolots, at that time, where dead, and the cloning odule could not be utilised). so, what does all that mean? whatever that power allocation slider does is not linked directly to anything visably aiding. however, i do feel it has the affect of . . .broadening the intake of light...meaning that you get more-ish for less. i did note that while the power allocation is amped up, and my nreactor is functioning, that my radine and plutonium lvls dropped a little slower . .by about 2-3 seconds per point . .so in the long run, it could simply be making other systems more effecient . . without, well, you get the idea. i hope my report is in any way enlightening, and i shall soon be posting another-EX003:drifting said target ships into enemy territory, or, theoretically, *running silent* Cpt. Stone
  6. Cpt. Ethan Stone

    heh, awful lonely . .. .

    hello all, it cpt. Stone ere . . firstly, to Admiral Tigerclaw (heh, hope thats right*grins*), well, i bought it in limerick in . . .march/april 2003, so . . .lol. and concerning the ai . .. sp ai, i find is progressivly intelligent,imo, and i feel is queit capable. that being said, it is no-where near a match for a human . . the ai may eventually learn your weakness's (blind spots and so forth) but a humans complete unpredictabilaty give human players an edge. now, server fours ai, i have found, is just about intelligent enough to get enemy ships into a hyper jump, towards the nearest object. (my fav tactic is to shoot the buggers as they come out . . .not exactly hounerable, but hey, i like life, even if its game life.*grins*). the second the jump is completed, the ship 'drifts' at its slowest speed, in no direction, apparently. and drifts . . .and drifts . . . now, im all for easy xp, but i hate it when the target dosnt even flinch . . .as stated earlier, my ship actually had its way with one such ship (full sheild,amour and hull, straight off the assembly line) to the point that i accidentally destroyed the other ship(and damaged my own).*grins* not entirly my proudest moment . . . thanks for your help, hopefully, i will either be proud enough to fight by your side, or hide in your blind spot . . Cpt. Stone
  7. hello all . . Cpt. Stone here. ive been playing UC offline for quite a while now (a year and a half/on and off) and have decided to try and enter the online world for some hieghtened fun . . and some one to answer my hails. unfourtunatly, i can only access two servers via the join mp server option in my start menu (server 3 and 4, FYI). dont get me wrong-two servers are fine, but no-one is in them??? i can be flying around for hours on server three . .and nothing??? i pm'ed Adm. Tiger (please forgive me, i forgot the rest of his name.). he advised me that most people play in fleets, which i guess makes sense. he also told me that if i waited in server four, there would be auto spawning npc's for me to play around with until some one arrives. sound advice, but no-one came. and to make matters worse, the npc baddies dont fight back.??they jump in, and then float there . . i actually got my Spacestar (SC-EIRE) to . .. play with it as adults do . . .(had to turn PTA off), which was amusing for the first half hour, but when no one showed, got boring. now, i mean no offense in this post. if i offend any one, please let me know, and i will pm an apology personally to you . . i just felt that to get a solution, one must thouroughly explain the problem. my problem basically is that i want to play online, but have no one to play with.if any one knows where to go . .either alternate servers, or certain times of the day, please reply . . im so tired of drifting .. .alone . . . (p.s. if any one wants to know . . my spacestar actually drestoyed the offensive Ship soon after .. .mounting, a rather unusual way to go, but it still made me laugh.) [ 09-14-2004, 08:20 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]