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  1. Wow, After around 3 hours of nuking earth from space the game started to slow down horribly. Yes, in space. Does the game launch a ship at you if you nuke something in retaliation? If it does it explains it. I totalled most of the Ter/INS bases, and when I saved the save was corrupt. I think SC fixed a few of the slowdown problems for nukes, where the objects fall into the terrain. Would be useful, as I nuked the Starbase into the ocean Hope those insurgents drown
  2. I picked up a pile of OTS-Tanix's to wipe the Insurgents off of the Earth. I then launched one at a base, and it too out half of it. Unfortunately, when I tried again it goes into spectator view looking at the sky and stays there. Missile never hits. Time still going in game and not slow-down issue. Even got fireworks one time where a transpost got it hardoff in space. Have save game and all info if someone wants to take a look. [ 09-13-2004, 03:41 PM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  3. After I saw ur reply I decided to do some math on it. SDM's look like the best credit/displacement item on the market(too lazy to make sure). Probly get 150+ mil per trip in a shuttle MK1. nice one!
  4. Ok, so far this is the most complicated game I have ever played. BUT, this is exactly where I think most games will head in the future (multi-genre) and plan to support all attempts in this field. I completely understand why the engine is not up to compete with other single genre games in a single field (except maybe space), because it isn't easy to cover all areas on a budget. First - improved dynamics. When turning in space, it shouldn't be like turning inside a planet's gravity. I want to be able to throw my afterburners on after someone in a fighter and be able to pass over them still firing. not finding myself ramming into them (which is what happened the first time I played the game.) The FP combat is horrible when u zoom in. I can only place the targeter on certain pixels. If I zoom on a guy and try to shoot, I can't even place my crosshairs on him and he's killing me. I actually gave up on Ground warfare after that. I may use my marines and tanks and just watch or fight from a fighter/CC. I'd also like to be able to clear intruders out of my precious ship with my AE. Haven't had the chance to use Naval stuff yet, and havent been able to fight any yet (updating gfx driver cus it crashes every time I try) Missiles. When used they have a max range in space. I'd like to see some that don't explode immediately after running out of fuel. It should continue on for a while with its last velocity and heading. Could tie up resources though, and could also become really cheap way to take out stationary targets. And maybe some STS types with crazy range (like an STO). Those !$%%(*#@$ PTA's!! they are really cheap. I shouldn't have to memorize the PTA displacement on every ship and try to avoid them while attacking. Some are nearly impossible to avoid. Instant never miss attacks are not the way to go. If I could choose between a crazy main cannon, or a pile of PTA's, well, I'd have a PTA boat. There should be different PTA's you can choose from or to upgrade to that have different specs, and possibly gunners in a weapons control room that improve accuracy with their AI rating. Or computers which can be upgraded through that have better accuracy. Secondly - The More customization during play. The ability to go our and purchase additional fleet assets for your caste under your command, not just assuming control with rank. To be able to change capital chips if you want. To be able to change FP gear on your AE, not just package choice to start in ROAM. (the set packages on others with variants works great for simplicity) Upgrading fighters would be a good feature. Choosing which ones you have, and what shuttles you own would also be great. Fighter combat was what I wanted to do in this game, and I wasn't really impressed by that dam PTA, and that the other fighters never seem to miss no matter how crazily I try and dodge. Sure, ususally I'm up against 8 fighters alone, but still, I had 6 of mine on one of theirs and they never hit him. I had to go In with my carrier. (error with other 2 fighters, couldn't get pilots in em, and not not cheating or damaged) It would be nice to be able to purchase and launch an ODS, even if u can't really control the thing. Maybe target aquisition control? Mabe even crab mines that last longer and the ability to launch a group of them. (so long as they don't have the aformentioned PTA turret, which I despise) being able to dock ur CC and take off with just the fighters or shuttles and do stuff would be nice, instead of having to leave it in Resnig's uncapable hands. Some anti missile systems other than the EMD would be a refreshment. All in all though a great game once u figure it out, will very likely buy any sequels. I can post more, but i figure this is a long enough read as is, and likely in 7 pages others have covered all this. If Moderator wants it cut down just lemmie know.
  5. Don't want intruders? Just activate the EMD. It blocks transporter lock. The only problem is it's gets turned off when u leave the ship. Dam Resnig.
  6. I usually just do the Galcom/Wraith run carrying a load of STO's. Beats the crap out of Trellis for maximum gain in a shuttle.
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