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  1. Never mind. I figured it out by accident. I hit the / key by mistake. Who knew?
  2. Someone please help. I tried searching this forum for answer, cannot find one. My command ship ran out of fuel while I was out and about in my shuttle. Well, it ran out of fuel and NOw I am stuck. I tried turning it towards the sun while towing it, hoping the solar reactor would charge the Launch bay. Did not work. I tried delivering fuel by other shuttle and my own, did not work. The mission I am on has a lot of time invested in it. I do not want to start over. HELP!!! Thanks. Edit: I found a thread about this: "If you have been out and about in a support craft, and find when you get back that you can`t dock with your CC, then leave the SC in first person fly across to your CC and re-enter." i did try that. It just says I need to be within 1 meter. 1 meter from where??? Is there a specific airlock I need to get to??? This is getting frustrating.