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  1. Hello, as far as I know after 3h reading the FAQ, VCF and the board, the -j switch should make the CTRL-J action working for all controllers, so that you simply can switch roll and turn. I have the 1.00.10 D2D version running, but even with the -j switch CTRL-J doesn't work. Is it deactivated? Best Regards Robert
  2. Rob2222

    Capture enemy FCs?

    quote:Originally posted by DennyMala: Just bail out as you did when exiting your CC... Hi Denny, I can't, thats the problem. According the hints document: code:Press ALT+E to exit the craft. To get back on board, turn to face the craft and press / You can use this method while in control of any vehicle or craft on the planet - however, the craft must be on the ground, or in float state when on water. In space, you cannot exit while flying a fighter.So as it seems you can jump out after a planetfall. I will test this. Best Regards Robert
  3. Rob2222

    Save Game disappeared?!

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: If you look at everyone else's signature and then go back and read the instructions, you will see the problem with yours.Sorry, I don't want to make a riddle here. Only say whats wrong and I change it. The only difference between my sig and other sigs is that I have a standard link and that you could not mean I think. quote:Only ONE file contains the saved game data structure and if it is corrupt or is from an incompatible version of the game, it will not be recognized. And if its not recognized, it will not be loaded.OK, how important is the structure file? Can I recreate it anyhow? Do you thought about changing this system? Its not very good imho, when you loose all saves with one crash. It would be really bad when you play a month and then you loose your saved game. quote:Can't help you with that. Contact Microsoft or look in this tech support section for an existing thread that has some solutions you can try. OK I can understand that you can't help me with problems at my PC. So normally you are able to switch to windows and back without a crash? Thats important for me to know. quote:Originally posted by Marvin: My daughter gave me a quick solution for this one. I'll post it as soon as I find the old thread. Hello Marvin, so you have that problem too? Do you found a hint or a other solution than destroying your windows key, yet? Best regards and thx for help Robert
  4. Rob2222

    Save Game disappeared?!

    Hello SC, profile is updated but what is the problem with my signature? Well, thats easy to say the problem is on my side. But I didn't have an idea what's the matter. My windows installation is 2 weeks old and I configured my system stable before windows installation. Prime95 and Memtest86 run 12h withour errors each. I have no other problems with this PC, too. The UC installation? Well I installed it clean and after that I run the 2 patches in logical order from within the UC directory. What can I make more? Well, can it be, that the player.sav or the player.log file is defect? So that I can save my savegame? If not, how can 4 savegames go bad in one time? 24.09.2004 14:18 34.450 player.log 24.09.2004 14:18 565.248 player.sav 18.09.2004 15:54 1.578.017 player0.sg0 18.09.2004 17:58 1.634.958 player0.sg1 24.09.2004 14:18 1.634.805 player0.sgd 24.09.2004 04:14 1.868.029 player1.sg0 24.09.2004 03:54 1.881.462 player1.sg2 23.09.2004 15:15 1.757.630 player1.sg9 24.09.2004 04:41 1.034.752 player1.sgd Is the latest UC version really 105% rock stable with no single crash? When I accidently hit the windows button and switch to windows, EVERY time switching back to UC the game crashes. Sound loops and screen didnt come up. So I only can end the process. Is this normal or only at my system? Best regards Robert [ 09-24-2004, 12:29 PM: Message edited by: Rob2222 ]
  5. Rob2222

    Capture enemy FCs?

    Is there any possibility to get out of a captured FC?
  6. Rob2222

    Capture enemy FCs?

    Hello, after I lost the FC4 from my Megaron, I captured a disabled enemy FC, by jumping in the FC while it was towed by my SC. But I didn't managed it, to dock with the Megaron. One time, I docked, but the new FC was not away then, and another time I got "No interceptor slots free". But there was one slot free. I read that you can't jump out of a FC (why?) but what can you do, when you jumped in a FC? Is kill yourself and reload the only one possebility? Best regards Robert
  7. Hello, I stopped playing last night, after a CTD. Now I would like to continue, but my save games disappeared. I have 2 slots (tutorial and campaign) and each with 2 / 3 savegames. Slot 1 is ok, but all 3 savegames in slot 2 disappeared and I didn't have a name in slot2. I checked the save directory, the savegames are present, but not shown in UC. BTW, is it normal that UC crashes from time to time? I installed clean and patched (the right way) but I get still some random crashes. Normal I reload the savegame and continue. But not this time... Best regards Robert
  8. quote:Originally posted by Cc: Did you execute the patches from within the UC game folder? Thx pal, that worked for me. Didn't knew it before. Best regrads Robert
  9. Hello, I have a CTD when clicking on "base_centris01" from the tutorial. I have reinstalled the game, does not help. Can it be that the save file is corrupt? Best regards Robert