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  1. I've just read the article now... The guy is probably used to playing FPSs instead of deeper and more complex games. Of course, if you're used and like to just use imput keys from 1 to 9,WASD, and maybe some function key for quick saving and loading, (without even reading all the manual) you may find UCAWA a bit too hard and complex, and, IMHO, reading what that guy wrote, I think the description fits him pretty well. Speaking for myself, I had some trouble with BCMG, mostly because of the paper manual that wasn't very exhaustive, but we all know the situation behind this. As soon as I noticed there was a pdf version of the complete manual, I completely read it, and even the most "difficult" procedure became obvious and logical. Ok, the manual isn't easy to be read: it's 100 pages long, instead of a couple of sheets with elementary instructions; it's filled with acronyms and "technical" words. It requires patience and time to be read, and it MUST be read at least once or twice, (which is clearly written at its very beginning) but IF you read it, it's pretty exhaustive about any aspects of the game. Well, after all, we could see this review as a counter proof of this game's quality: a game for many people, but not for everyone.
  2. Hi everyone... I'vejust installed UCAWA and played it a little, haven't had time to test it deeply, but it's first impressions we are here to talk about, not a complete review, ain't we? At first, I have to say that i've never played a UC game before, i've played only BCMG. Anyway, starting from the interface, gameplay, controls, etc I found myself pretty at ease: as said in the manual, controls have remained almost unchanged, and remembering the few different ones is quite easy. The "feeling", as far as I've played, has remained almost unchanged, which is a good thing... I've noticed that cap ships are much slower than their counterpart in BCMG, which is a good thing also, because these ships should be huge and bulky, but I wonder why also fighters have all been slowed down under 1000 m/s (i repeat I'm still used to BCMG, dunno about other UC games) Graphics is good: interface is "friendly", nice ships, much better models of people, and nice environment on planets. Sound environment is good, with nice music, the chatter of the crew, laser sounds and so on. The game runs smoothly, with almost no slow downs or trouble of any sort (there are a couple of things that maybe will deserve a Tech Support topic, but first I'm gonna check the manual, update the drivers, and properly test the game). Anyway, thumbs up for UCAWA
  3. Great story!!! Eager to read the second part!!
  4. You're welcome. Still, I dunno if you'll be able to do the second monitor trick. Anyway, you can try and then tell us the results!
  5. Uuhh... don't think so. Unless you manage to play in windowed mode, I don't think you'll manage to both play AND consult the online appendix. At least, as far as I know... Oh and one last thing: update your sign with your profile infos (see the Private Message from Supreme Cmdr for instructions)
  6. Well, there should be instructions also on how to update your profile...
  7. Find the best spots to hit enemies with your PTA System... that's not the same spot for every ship, so you'll have to try... there's also a topic somewhere 'bout it, but it's more fun to find "hot spots" on your own... just a hint: observe your ship. As soon as you find the right spot, enemies quickly become space dust.
  8. So, it is reasonable to think that also EVERY other copy of the manual in Europe (including Italian ones) has been... uhm... snip 'n' tucked?!
  9. Sorry Derek, but this time unluckly you're wrong: as a matter of fact, I've had quassamo's same problem. I regularly (is the spelling correct? ) bought my copy of BCMG from my trusted videogame store, and as I opened the package, I found a 50 pages user guide. And the paper with the multiplayer key code. And the game CD. Nuthin' more. Now, thanks to DennyMala, I've found a solution to this problem (quassamo, fix your sign with your System Profile, so that I'll know you own a legal copy, and I'll PM you how to solve the problem), but the matter is: the "manual" I found in the package, tells the many of the things a player can do (not even all of them), but doesn't explain how to do them. I haven't PMed you before because so far I thought it could have been only a problem of my Italian version (you know, often our importers are quite superficial, especially about videogames, so I got some kinda accustomed to such trouble), but now that I see that also other users from other countries have the same problem, so I guess the problem is a little more widespread. The most funny thing is: when reading about the possibility to exit form a vehicle and wandering around in First Person Mode, the manual said something like "for more infos about the First Person Mode, go and read the First Person Careers section"... well, I scanned all the manual several times and I didn't find ANY First Person Career Section. Many sections are missing, included the "How to Do" one... Anyway, if you need a deeper feedback, I'll be happy to help. Quassamo, CLICK HERE to read instructions on how to register.
  10. Uuhh... reading again your topic and my answer, I noticed I've misunderstood your first question. Well... the tip of "going to bed" with the manual of the game is still a valid one. Other things that come to my mind are: - try and do in the game what you've just read in the manual - fly around, experiment and do things, even if they may be wrong: experience often comes with mistakes - use this forum and its search feature. Both for tips and troubleshootings. Browsing the various topics and using the search function may prove the best way to find an answer for your questions.
  11. Hi CJ and welcome in our community. First of all, I'd suggest you read the welcome Private Message you have in your Private Messages, and update you signature with your System Profile Infos. I don't remember the correct procedure, but if you do a quick search on the forum using the words "System Profile" you should find all the instructions you need. Then... for the first question... with ALT + E you exit from your craft and start wandering in First Person mode. Anyway, the most useful tip I can give you, is to "go to bed" with the game manual... read it once, then read it a second or third time... then, play with your manual next to you. Everything will then become clear!
  12. Uhm... dunno if it may prove useful, but... speaking of BCMG... I use a Saitek P2500 Gamepad (speakin' of dollars, I think it could cost more or less 20$), and it does give me no problems of that kind. The only problem I have with drifting, is at the very first take-off: in this case, my ship starts drifring a lil, but I just have to steer once, and everything return ok. Only one lillte question, SC: when you talked about the FAQs did u refer to the forum, or the game manual?
  13. Well, I don't have much experience, but so far, my Aestorm's PTA lay waste of enemies: just point my nose towards them and let your PTA do the massacre!!
  14. 1) Unless I'm mistaken, Indeo codec is necessary to properly display explosions and such things... As a matter of fact, without Indeo drivers, after a few shots the game used to crash (right when there was the explosion). Guess what? As soon as I installed 'em, everything went allright. If i remember correctly, there should be some topics about them in the Tech Support forums... at least, some months ago there were... you may wanna do a SEARCH about them Try here
  15. Well, it's not hard to understand...
  16. First of all, Hi to everybody (especially to my "connazionale" ) and thank you all for your warm welcome. I think I'll enjoy my stay here, 'cos I've registered after having observed this community for a while... and I've seen people here are ok, everybody does his "job" properly, and even when I just lurked the foums, I found myself at ease. So, my expectations are the most optimistic ones. About the System Profile infos... well', I've seen how SC gets mad when some users haven't set them properly, so I didn't want to make him angry right in my first topic!!! Dunno why, but I think it could have proved quite... painful...!
  17. Hello. I've just registered to the forum, after a bit of lurking, and so, I think it's polite to introduce myself and greet you all... So... uuhh... well, here I am... Hi to everybody. I'm Sparhawk, 23 yrs old, from Italy, and totally n00b...
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