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  1. okay, I did everything Cmdr Chavik told me too (which is pretty much what I already did) and, as before, the little square used to deploy the craft is dark green, with no launching option...everything is listed as ready, and the copilot is in the craft, but I'm still listed as being in the bay... (is this a bug, or something? I only have the original version, unpatched, no updates...)
  2. now it seems as though I can't even launch regualr FCs (w/o my AE as a pilot). Am I forgetting to do something important that enables me to launch a craft? I've assigned a pilot and a copilot, and I've assigned two engineers to ready the craft...in the launch menu, it tells me it's ready, but in perscan it says it's still being readied... *confused* sg
  3. Okay...sorry to be such a newbie, but, all of the above has checked out. Full power is at Launch in the Logistix computer...It says both pilots are in FC2 BAY (not the actual craft itself...but read on) and it says in the launch menu that the craft is ready...but with PERSCAN, it says the two engineers I assigned to FC2 are still 'Readying FC2'. ??? Is this the problem? When I click on the box for FC2, I don't even have the option to Launch it...so even though the Launch menu in the TACTICAL computer says the craft is ready, is PERSCAN telling me the real truth? Do I need to wait until it says my pilot/copilot are actually in FC2 and both engineers are no longer saying 'Readying FC2'? Thanks for all the help... SG
  4. i don't seem to have that option though...
  5. Okay, if I want to have control of a vehicle contained in my CC, I can set my AE to pilot that vehicle. So, then how do I deploy that vehicle? I've only yet tried with a FC, and I've got no idea how to deploy the craft with myself in it...my view. TACOPS and 'Launch' tell me that I'm assigned to the vehicle as the pilot, but I can't get out of my CC... Any help would be greatly appreciated... SG [ 09-21-2004, 11:34 PM: Message edited by: Cmdr Chavik ]
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