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  1. My favs : .hack (ps2), Ultima 5, Doom 3 (hail the mighty doom!) Call of Duty, Rome : Total War, Star Wars Battlefront, Universal Combat. My hated games : Panty Raider (yes... i bought it a long time ago, shame on me! >< ) Ultima 9, Several MMORPGs.
  2. for the server? From what I've read, there's a passworded server that the fleets use.
  3. how do I get the password?
  4. I suppose I have to send an email to the commander, so I suppose I'll do so ^^ Oh, and yes I've been approved to at least look at the fleets Now I just gotta get in the Raiders
  5. And I can't sleep >< Hoping just sitting on the comp reading stuff with make me go to sleep. My roomate is talking on his cell phone lol. Good thing it's the weekend, otherwise I'd make him hang up ><
  6. Allrighty, I applied to the Fleet Database, though I can't actually enter it yet. I suppose I have to wait
  7. Greetings to you. I'm wondering what your policy is on bounty hunters. I would like to RP a bounty hunter type of character, though he won't be going out of his way to raid others (I will participate on the fleet wide raids though, since that's your policy.) So basiclly.. would you accept a newbie who wants to RP a bounty hunter, but he's not necessarily a raider per se'? And I noticed that we'll be using heavy cruisers... will upgrading to a new ship be possible once we have enough money or what not?
  8. I've been wondering which fleet I should apply for due to my decision on what I would like to RP as... basiclly a bounty hunter type character. I'm not very sure which fleet would likely accept that kind of character.
  9. Sorry, but where can I find the server password? It says on your post it's on the registration login page, but I don't see it on there.
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