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  1. Really? that sounds awesome. I can't wait to be shooting out the side while another teammate fly close air support. LOL BTW why do do you quote that PC gamer review? if it was discuss in another post just link it cause I can't find it.
  2. Strange I try the password and it didn't do anything didn't even said if I had it wrong. I also try like if it was cap sensitive and just keep asking for the password and still nothing. hmmm maybe its just me. I will try again later. Was trying server 3&4
  3. I'm not sure about his since I'm new myself but on the tutorial the planetary marine could only fly gunships and unable to fly any fighters that could be one. Probably limited somehow as to what they can do.
  4. Hey, This is my first post on these boards cause I wanted to join a fleet. You guys sound good to me and I like the name also. Well I only had the game for a few days and done the tutorial and just did all kind of crazy stuff but I really wanted to try some MP with people. If you guys are active once in a While I would like to join.
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