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  1. eh, well I found one artifact. BUT! I couldnt analyze it, and then I got some intruders. I killed em all, BUT! it disappeared *tear tear* wat happened to it!! I am NOT rectal examining the intruder's bodies for it either
  2. SC. I keep seeing you always put 'Read the Manual' but it doesnt really work all the time. Not everyone can be as highly intelligent and read between the lines when reading the manual, and it is pretty thick, and some 'simple minds' can be confused. Could you like, lighten up. You are a moderator of a forum, which its common sense n00b players will come to, to ask questions on things that they do not understand. A little politeness and help goes a long way And Underlord, Probes are pretty useful in the game. You can use them to monitor your home system while your away, or send them to scout out systems before hand. Plus, they give a great Real-Time battle update of the system your in, if they are in it.
  3. alright. I have a Geforce 4 4200 FX card, 1/2 a GB of RAM, about 80 gigs of HD memory, about 20 gigs left. Updated all my drivers, updated the game to the max, and the game works fine. There are still some parts where the game will just freeze up, and I will have to reload a save game, which would have happened a long time ago, because I hate >.< having to quit and reload every time I want to save in precaution for the freeze. But anyway, you can get a Geforce 4200 for cheap, but dont expect much help in major games that need good graphics cards. Try COMP USA for like cheap, high end cards
  4. Ive noticed that a great killzone for the Firestorm is about is when your target is balanced between your bottom and side turrets. When fighting on planets, attacking bases, you can turn the ship to half of this angle / and it can fire upon anything in the way that it can hit. Its a Killzone for the Firestorm that Ive found
  5. well, the Commander is ALWAYS 55 years old. I wonder how old the crew are?
  6. oooo coool. So I need to buy some more CKs. Ive never sent my marines down to the surface, but they've been CPed a few times. DO I need to buy 1 for every Combat Prep?
  7. Wetware. Believe me, I have asked. It seems in UC it was put in, like many other things, as a 'show' item, and its uncontrollable, even though the game advertised Land,Sea, Air, Space controllable, its only Land, Air, Space (main focus). Maybe this was some clever marketting ploy to get anticipation for the next of the UC series, by implementing the features into the next installment. But seeing as SC isnt a big, greedy international gaming company that doesnt give a damn about its game quality & only about money *cough* Brat Designs *cough*, I dont think he meant for it to be a good way to get good marketting & advertising. Though its working that way Very clever and tact SC. I say, Touche. & I will spend money on the next installment......because I like to spend money
  8. lol. great idea. But what about tie your electrical into the game, so every time your reactor gets damaged, your lights dim, and when you lose power, out goes your lights
  9. I have been in Mars for awhile. Im a Ter/INS, and Ive taken over most space stations in SOL. Ive taken Jupiter, Earth, Mars, Moon and a few other sol Planet starstations. Im flying a FireStorm, fully upgraded to its max, full crew
  10. well, mostly Im in habitting the SOL system, going through each of the planets. I keep going to check GalCom. You'd think that GalCom would get the artifacts. I also check the Advanced Tech stations nearby
  11. ahhh. So Combat kits are for the marines to be armed? & Combat-Prepping them gets them all armed? Notes* Im somewat of a n00b, but also skilled in other areas
  12. Ohh. and I just thought of this. How about PTA turret upgrades? To increase their damage or strength? Maybe like Phased Turret Array MK I (default PTA) Phased Turret Array MK II Phased Turret Array MK III Plasma-Phased Turret Array MK I Plasma-Phased Turret Array MK II bleh. These are just some of my random ideas of the late night. But PTA upgrades would kinda be nice
  13. wait. But you have to think. Different Commanders have different morals. Some would laugh and enjoy the deaths of billions of people. Some may get a sexual excitement (Sadists) but some commanders may have a mental breakdown from the agony of watching his fellow beings killed. It all depends on the personality of the commander, so I wouldnt really apply to all commanders. Like me! I'd laugh and Random every planet that pissed me off, unless it had someone I care for. and if someone RANDOMed it, I'd track them down and RANDOM their ship. RIGHT IN SPACE!
  14. ehh, X2 has alot of flaws that make it crappy. But it also has alot of perks. Like being able to shift between Capital Ships, and having a fleet which u can switch between ships. But UC also has its great things. Though some things could be made better. I myself want the ability to beam marines over to an enemy vessel to disable it from the inside, maybe plant a charge, beam out, and destroy the vessel w00t
  15. Okay. ive been to many stations, and I want to outfit my marines with new equipment. I was wondering if I buy FP weapons & ammo at stations, can I get it given to the marines? or does it get auto-given to the marines?
  16. well Ive been sending marines down to the ground, and setting them to SAD. But they begin hunting something ALL THE WAY across the base, and end up getting killed. SC, cant ya add like a new option for them to sort of have a small circle where they can attack the enemy marines? Maybe a 'Attack Nearby Enemy Units' and have a radius marker for the attack range?
  17. alright. Its been like 6 days game time, and I still cant find the artifacts
  18. If you patched, the speed is reduced. When unpatched, it goes a bit faster.
  19. why the hell do you want to manage shield level? Either you have it on, or off. You dont want it giving less than a 100% power. A fight can take down a damn Carrier if its lucky, seeing how a 100% shield can easily be taken down by a flurry of missile and gunfire.
  20. thats what I did. I took several stations over. How didja think I got Tacops Commander in 3 days game time
  21. so maybe I should head back to GalCom? I visited the planet with the Crashed Probe by the Galaxians, but I dont know what to do with the probe. I cant tractor it or anything
  22. I have heard rumors that after you go through 3 days in the Game, that the Artifacts show up in the inventory of Stations. I am currently using a Firestorm, Fully Upgraded (w/o artifacts), full crew, missing one OC, a large cash amount, TacOps Commander rank. I have now gone through 3 days in the game, I started on ??/04/?? and now its ??/07/?? and I currently have captured Gammula spacestation, and am currently a TR/INS
  23. Like, wow. the stuff I post when Im high. Well anyway. Life's a ***** and then you die, Screw it all! Lets get high!!............and OTS a planet.....
  24. Well, I would. but those Enemy fighters just wont listen. They just make funny faces at me and throw me the finger. Well, guess I'll PTA them.
  25. or just use an SC, have a ship in space Priority Listed, then have the SC tow u into space, or u can fly the sc
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