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    school,my buisnesses,cars and games
  1. WarPrince Jones

    A few questions

    I lost it , thx for your concern,(heres the noob talk)And it is to no consequence of what other commanders think.The KWC ArchAngel will dismiss all who defy my galatic reign.Challenge anyone? But anyway resnig is worth is weight in pesos if even that much.but you tried taking them off duty. personnel movement takes a while.
  2. WarPrince Jones

    Repairs Take FOREVER!

    1 Kandorian Megaron=Gammulan fleet overhaul
  3. WarPrince Jones

    A few questions

    Me read a manual,Whatt!!!!!! just the thought!! I send my Resnig,his DNA and my worst regards. May god hath pity upon the GCV Greencloud (the ship of Resnigs). (Sidenote:misplaced my manual)
  4. WarPrince Jones

    Starwars ,Lets get it On

    oh isn't set up properly , I wasn't sure
  5. WarPrince Jones

    A few questions

    Fellow brother newbie I feel your plight as it took me 2 weeks just learn how 2 dock. Did u go to logistix and have ur engineers retool ur componets.You should see a difference immediately
  6. WarPrince Jones

    Starwars ,Lets get it On

    Hi Everybody its great to finally get past that extensive comp. strip search when U register.lol I've read the post pertaining to online action I just wanted to know if anyone would be setting up a server sooner and if so. Can you Post when.