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  1. quote:Maybe before you start bombing them with emails you should realize that what you are looking at is the manual for the FREE copy of BCM. Note the CD inside the manual. A kind of thanks from the SC for ordering UCAWA early. OOOPS, I already sent them one. Anyway thanks, Spindoctor. But I still have do deal with that useless CD. -just like wielding that bat. Sort of SC's touch in dealing with clumsy posters
  2. quote: I've just recived my copy of UCAWA ordred through BMT Micro, but when I run the setup.exe I get the follwing error: "The installer you are trying to use is corrupted or incomplete. This could be the result of a damaged disk, a failed download or virus. The same thing happened to me as well. More over, they sent me the manual for BTM instead of UCAWA. I guess it's time for me to start bombing them with angry e-mails.
  3. Awsome demo. Really liked the Phantom's gun locking on a target and following it. Deadly. The base became a toast in 2 minutes, although when firing at a moving targets it is pointing at the target itself and not at the TLD. That's why u have to be really close to hit it. But the buildings have no chance of survival. Is it me or does the jet pack work smoother than before? I didn't fall even once. Really usefull in the heat of the battle. BTW, I had to burn my wish list.
  4. quote: Note to OPS: Institute a new SOP of deploying probes along trade route. Check local and probe view to ensure there are no heavy hostiles are heading for shuttles next jump point before HJ is initiated. You can assign a fighter as an escort as well and send him him through the gates before jumping yourself. If there's a cloaked ship there checking probes won't help you, you'll almost certainly die.
  5. ...Then add a few missile launchers on the roof of the house so you will actually launch something. Only after that the intruders will be wearing either police uniforms or white gowns with red crosses and your next house will be painted in yellow
  6. Oh, yeh, another wish list... Personally, I think PTA is the most effective default weapon on board and is the last thing that needs upgrading it works fine the way it is - smart and deadly. As for the marines in this game they are absolete and worth only fo fighting off the intruders, piloting the shuttles and posing for screenshots. The ground combat is still a baby at this stage, although it is promissing to become a teenager in the next edition. When I want dedicated ground combat I play Halo, Ghost Recon or Operation Flashpoint, but when I want to live the space game - it's UC all the way.
  7. I just came across a nice brochure on development of future soldier equipment. It should be somewhere here
  8. You could try to fly into the area with your AE as a pilot and "manually" locate it by switching between targets, but, due to the radar limitations, that may not work, especially, if the drone was there for too long and might have wondered outside the mission zone. Also, in TACOPS try to zoom in slightly above the ground level then pan the camera parallel to the surface, point it, for example, north and start playing with different filter options, when done point it NE then E and so on around the clock. It looks like you've got yourself a real SAR mission. By the time you're done with all the options the drone will wear itself out and eventually self-destruct so you could buy a new one.
  9. And I still can't get enough of it. As a kid I was mad about sci-fi books (R.Heinlin's "Starship Troopers" was my bible) and it felt extremely unfair to be sentenced to Earth for life without any hope of geting into that vast space above. Now I almost got it all, finally, even if it's just on the screen of my PC.
  10. Thank you, SC, quote:Similarly, if your craft radar has a min range of 50km and a max range of 50km, this simply means that it can see and track targets from 0 - 50km. - that's exactly what I wanted to hear, because I was thinking the way you said further: quote:On the other hand, if it has a min range of 5km and a max range of 50km, then it cannot effectively track the target when within 0 - 4km. and 50km looked like a terribly big gap to me, and if the Min Range were stated as 0km I would never even raise the question. Now it all came into place. Thanks again, SC, I do appreciate your patience with me and time given to make everything clear Ta.
  11. It's genocide, although it's kinda cool. There've got to be consequences. Some races/castes get court-martialed for using R.A.N.D.O.M. while the others don't. SC, may I suggest a twist? Take the cutscene of an OTS missile approaching the target area, put a soundfx of people screaming in terror and panic in the background instead of birds singing. Then make it launch at random intervals after using a weapon of mass destruction ,possibly, during a combat engagement or when approaching the same planetary/space region - sort of a flashback. At the same time send the commander to medibay and give control to the AI crew of the ship while he thinks about what he'd done. So if their AI is high enough he has a chance of comming back on the bridge of a relatively intact ship and in the same space region where he passed out. Then he would need a few days (for using OTS) or weeks (for using R.A.N.D.O.M.)of gameplay to recover from shock and make the cutscene stop poping out and ruining the game. It's free galaxy. Do what you want, but be aware of consequences. Any good? [ 02-23-2005, 06:45 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  12. Am I correct to summ up that on a planet they (medium fighters)will only arm their missiles (and use their own seekers) against targets with radar in active mode or proceed untill the target is in their visual range otherwise and then use the guns or simply ignore you minding their own business if you are in passive mode? quote: Keep this up and you won't like the outcome. Sorry, SC, that damn maths was driving me crazy for the past week. I spent it all flying around the bases and teasing different fighters and trying to put things together. I came to conclusion that those radar ranges are almost irrelevant (you almost always satisfy their parameters) while the altitude is much more important - stay low and everything's gonna be OK, although, the dull missiles keep hitting the hills so one would need a clear line of sight. Shell we close the topic?
  13. Still something doesn't add up. Mantis, Starlance, X22Aurora and Interdictor have Max Radar Range = 50km and Min Radar Range =50, so the difference between Min and Max = 0; Did somebody along the distribution line typed an extra zero? 5km would make much more sence.
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