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  1. i think it would be cool to add something like mission profile into the diplomats id tags. something like terran/diplomat/peace negotiation and send him to a hostile let's say space station or base. when he docks at that station after some time maybe some other diplomat ships being called in from other stations, depending on the diplomats AI rating somesing like peace, cease fire, allow docking, drop of prices on trade items in one sector and raise in another could be declared. Or he could offend the rases/casts participating in the negotiations even more and cause them to scrumble a combined fleet to R.A.N.D.O.M his home planet or beseige his launch station... Also whould be nice to make what's going on in the universe more visible. For example you dock at a station and download a news update into your comlink and just read the headlines: "GALCOM HQ is under siege!!! Volunteer NOW! Protect your homeworld! Earth needs you!..." or "MARS Exploration bases have used up all their resorces and are organising resettlement expedition. Millitary personel required for transport escort detail. Sign up today and serve the noble cause!" -well, you could be a pirate who just got a valuable information on new prey. those explores have very expensive equipment i know, it seems like requesting a new mission, just gives you more options to chose from rather than follow oders or don't, you volunteer or you are hire depends on who you are which seems to me brings more sence into Galactic Command Derectives...
  2. hi, this is my first post so please corect me if i'm wrong. So far, as i understand, those diplomats dond't do much, but die and decrease your EPs or dock somewhere and encrease them?
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