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  1. quote:Originally posted by Tac (or was it Quazar?): New link available here. Thanks to Asso ( # 6535 ) for locating and posting a new link. Though he should have searched the General Discussions Category first, just as the video instructs.Hey I just found out that guide! Gimme some time to put all these things in my head! partially sorry!!!
  2. Just an update, found this swf animation on CDBurnerXP website, take a look: Link
  3. quote:Originally posted by Prez: Hey Asso, welcome to the discussion. Thanks! quote:In your assertion in that both Chechens and Russians are wrong, do you mean the Chechen Rebels or the Chechen terrorists? There is a BIG difference.Terrorists. From what I know about rebels (here many men made guerrilla attacks to Germans during WWII) fight in a more honorable manner, I mean, more honorable than striking unarmed civilians.
  4. Well, we don't have robots yet, but it seems that PCs are starting a rebellion against us. Link
  5. Both chechen and russian civilians died, be it for wars, occupations or terrorism. My opinion is that they're both (Chechnya and Russia) wrong. The only people that are right are the ones who, even living between extremists and the like, don't share their point of view and try to live far from these puerile concepts. And most of the times I think they're dead or imprisoned. I mean, russian children died cause of the chechen terrorists, and many chechen families were imprisoned in Siberia by Stalin. Violence generates more violence if there's ignorance. I'm not justifying anyone, nor terrorists, nor dictators, nor aggressors in general. As you're talking about taking positions here's mine: the only thing to blame here is ignorance (scarce knowledge, lack of manners and everything that comes to mind when you hear that word). Ignorance makes people's minds malleable, so anyone that is a little more astute (not intelligent, let's say an overpowered ignorant) than the rest can tell what he wants and make the people do what he wants to. I think that many intellectuals, that are the most intelligent beings out there, are even the most peaceful people. Take scientists or philosophers like Gandhi, look what he did without waging a thermonuclear war against England. And back to the topic, I don't watch ABC since I can't receive it where I live, but from what I have read that's the sort of scumbag that should be classified as ignorant, very lacking in good sense for putting oil on the fire between Russia and Chechnya.
  6. From the Parkan 2 Official Forum: quote:Oh, guys! If you could only see what happens on russian forum:ogo: Obviously some russian pilots already described it here in general. It seems that the game is very "sensitive" to hardware. Especially looks like "detonating mixture" the bunch AMD+ATI. But I'm here to tell you only my own impressions. So, the config of my comp is: Notebook RoverBook Voyager H571 Processor - Intel P4 Centrino 1.7HGz, 1024Mb DDR, ATI mobility radeon 9700 (by performance - desktop 9600pro analogue). OS - WinXP SP2, DirectX 9.0c, 1.5 Gb swap file. Resolution 1024x768 (effects: only light scattering on). The main impression - very shiny and beautiful toy (probably because of the graphics). What I mostly didn't like in gameplay - linear strand, senseless presence of robots on board of your ship (maybe some features wasn't realized in game), continuous "humming" of spacesuit AI, some key quests are too easily completed, the game has an end. Also disappointing that there are no different game difficulties and you still can't create your own spacefleet. Besides, the game randomly lags in different places (especially on planets where a lot of bots and in space when the quantity of objects exceeds 4 (including your ship). What I liked - sophisticated and interesting strand (including time manipulations and promising end), good graphics (especially impresses the sight of spaceship drifting over the planet surface), cozy universe. I've spent approximitely 40 hours in total to pass the game going mostly by strict strand. I found no critical bugs in game (maybe because I was going by strict strand) except some sound distortions randomly appeared. One bug was related to LUA error when I tried to replay the enemy transport ship boarding. But when I took the last autosave and replayed this moment there were no bugs. I'll risk to suppose that the main reason why Parkan 2 disappointed gamers played in Parkan 1 is that the only essential difference between these games is graphics. Still I recommend you to see this game with your own eyes and evaluate it by your own marks. I think this project has the future but it needs more special features to have and developers should create non-linear strand.I knew it... Another story-driven mess...
  7. I saw this on an italian forum... Translated in english for you: Sig
  8. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Being able to destroy levels is a tremendous CPU hog and doesn't add anything to a game IMO.I think it could be a good feature, e.g. you can't unlock a door, then you blow it up or destroy a wall to open a passage, just like in NetHack or X-Com, it could open up some strategic possibilities. Maybe in a near future it could be feasible (resources wise), it'd spice up battles... Do you imagine defending your command bridge from an assault, preparing an ambush behind the door just to find out later that enemies are coming from a hole in the wall behind you? (I was typing "from a hole behind you" when I realised what I was saying... hehe!) quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Anyway, the game is supposed to be a total shambles.As for this, we'll see when they release it. I'm not sure if it'll be like SC said, but since many Russian games I've come across are total crap (and I was fooled by advertisements), I partially agree with him. Sure, there are masterpieces like "IL-2 Sturmovik" but who knows? [ 06-29-2005, 06:38 AM: Message edited by: Asso ]
  9. I've just installed the game and... I'm starting to understand what SC's was saying about this one (Parkan 1)... Maybe I'll try it again later, but for now it's only been a confusing experience...
  10. If anyone wants to get an idea of the game, I can help you to get the first episode (The Imperial Chronicles, which is closer to Parkan 2 than Iron Strategy): http://www.parkanclub.com/files/parkan-ic-2001ru_cdfiles.7z here's the 7zipped CD files; http://www.parkanclub.com/muz/ogg/ic/ic-02-oberon.ogg http://www.parkanclub.com/muz/ogg/ic/ic-03-dagger.ogg http://www.parkanclub.com/muz/ogg/ic/ic-04-astron.ogg http://www.parkanclub.com/muz/ogg/ic/ic-05-hammer.ogg http://www.parkanclub.com/muz/ogg/ic/ic-06-matubo.ogg http://www.parkanclub.com/muz/ogg/ic/ic-07-xenor.ogg http://www.parkanclub.com/muz/ogg/ic/ic-installer_sound.ogg these are the music files in ogg format; http://www.parkanclub.com/support/parkan.zip this is the registry update if you use WinXPSP2 (at least it's what I understood, since it's all written in russian); http://www.parkanclub.com/files/icpatch.rar this one is the latest patch (43 MB); http://www.parkanclub.com/files/scrshot.htm in this page I found most of the files, and there are many other, check them if you want. The link to the 7zipped archive was taken from the Parkan Club forum (all in russian). Burn the iso as mixed mode CD to get the full russian game disc (don't remember if Nero handles ogg files, convert them in mp3 if not). Finally, since the english beta version of Parkan 1 is almost a legend, adger44 of the Parkan 2 Official Forum has released a patch which adds something to the game (haven't checked yet) and translates it in english. Remember that he doesn't know russian (he used things like Babelfish), so don't get mad with him. Here are the links for its 3 released patches: http://s2.ultrashare.net/hosting/fs/100e0bb7c373fccf/ http://s2.ultrashare.net/hosting/fs/cd56386d6b507d4c/ http://s2.ultrashare.net/hosting/fs/411be288c77bf5dc/ and the page where i found 'em: http://www.nikita.ru/parkan/p2/forum/read....f=2&i=190&t=190 So, many thanks to me for searching all these infos!
  11. Check this. It's a game about medieval skirmishes, both on foot and on horseback. You play the role of a young man seeking fortune in a medieval world (this means no dragons, no spells, just man, horses and iron). Reminds me of Pirates! a bit. You go from town to town seeking missions and trading goods. You can then equip yourself with better weapons and horses and recruit a group of soldiers. Then you go battling around the world for one of the two main houses. Battles are a lot of fun: you can mount your horse and charge your enemies while ordering your mates to back up you. The fighting system is really well done, with different types of attacks and the possibility to parry blows with a shield or with your weapon. You can also combat in an arena to make experience and money without taking risks, except loosing some $$$ (you can both bet money on you or, if you simply watch the fight without taking part, for one of the two teams). It costs only 10$ if you buy it now that it's still in beta (instead of 25$ of the final release). Don't fool yourselves: even if it's at an early stage (current version is 0.632) it's higly enjoyable and without show-stopping bugs. Just to tell you a thing of this game that excited me quite a lot: I was in the arena on foot with a bow for weapon, and a knight with a lance was charging me. I fired my arrow, killing his horse. The horse fell launching the knight far away (just like in the film "Braveheart" when William Wallace hit the legs of the english general's horse at Stirling), and by the time he was standing again I had another arrow ready...
  12. ABA Games You'll find some pretty good freeware shoot 'em ups there. Take a look, they're under the "Windows" category. My fav is rRootage, it features different game styles from different games, like the Dreamcast games GigaWing (GW mode) and Ikaruga (IKA mode).
  13. Yeah, you're absolutely right. I've had some issues too with crappy copy protections. Seeing how far they're going with these things, I'm starting to worry about the quality of future games... If it'll get worse than now...
  14. It seems like I won't have any refund, 'cause (at least is what I understood) I'll get free activations unless I share my code or have been refunded. Man, I had to read those mails better than my university books just to get the hang of the things! On their site they say that you own the game (false, in fact if they want to revoke you the right to use what you paid they can), then on their first mail they say that I have 3 activations without charge (what the... ???). Then their customer "support" tells me that I have unlimited activations unless I don't share the reactivation code. I'll not buy from there anymore, because I'm a honest buyer and I want to be treated like a honest buyer. I don't want to use a crappy protection method like that of HL2 or the one adopted by Trymedia Company (that could ruin my product, e.g. if they stop supporting it). I'm one of those that love to play games even years after their publication, and in this way I almost surely can't do it. And don't tell me that I don't have the right to say this because the publishers or (better) the developers must defend themselves against piracy. I know that, and because of that I only buy games that I like, and stay sure that I don't give them to anyone. And many other developers adopt better methods. Think of UC: if in future I'll find my CD and feel the desire of playing it again, I will do it because I can. Pirates will only get a headache 'cause they don't have access to the manual and patches and they can't go play online. Surely they can play single player, but without support, bugfixes and help they'll surely leave soon the game. Thanks for your help and beware.
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