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    hi there,me and about 20 online friends have been religious tribes2 players for over 3 years,to the point where we host 3 different servers(base and 2 mods)and a teamspeak server. anyway,t2 is dying,tribes vengeance is a piece of crap and we are constanly looking for a new game to move to.a guy gave me a link to this game last night and screenshots look good but want some answers from players before i buy it,and my eyes are to bad to read 80 different threads. online how big are the games and what sort of gametypes are there?siege,ctf,deathmatch?i am used to 64 man servers and hoping to find at least 32 man servers in any new game. t2 was the only fps shooter i ever liked because it depended so much more on teamwork,vehicles and deployables to be succesful. unkike ut where it is just running,jumping,shooting-that gets old to me quick can you host servers on this game or is the source code available for modding or are you limited to whatever servers are put out by creators,we have 3 oc-3 hookups that will be empty when tribes finally takes a crap. thats about it,screenshots look really good-i have never seen this game on the shelves at best buy but if it is as good as it looks i will be bringing -people with me to it