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  1. 1. Highly unlikely 2. Go to tacops, at the bottom of the screen click menu then waypoint and where it says CC click on it the choose SC1 or SC2 or whatever, click add, place on the map then click add again, select where it says proceed to next then select "deploy mdrone" place that on the map at least 5-10km away from the first waypoint. repeat for other shuttles. when all is done make sure you have people in the SC to fly it then launch. 3. R/Upgrades and E/Upgrades makes your ship consume less fuel. S/Upgrades increases shield strength Hull/Armor upgrades increases Hull strength. 4. in Tradcom in a station under spare parts find FC asset and buy it (they are expensive) then in luanch in tactical it will give you the option to replace the fighter. 5. Make sure in Logistix that engine power is at 10 if it is then your going as fast as you can. 6. Not a clue whats wrong there sry. 7. Ok...Don't then Hope that helps a little
  2. I have just enough for a Radeon 9600SE from amazon.com. Its not the best out there but for the quality and price its the best I can get. Memory will have to wait but eventually I will get to that to.
  3. If I had to spend some money on something on my computer should it be graphics card or memory? I don't have enough money to do both right now. Unless I get some cheap card like Radeon 9000 Reasone I ask is becuase sure the game ran fine in space but on the the ground...eeeeek. So you were right I was wrong (i'm gonna find myself saying that a lot am I.)
  4. How is it inadequate? The game runs fine. the reason it crashed the first time is probably becuase it was the 1.0 version. The reason it crashed the second time was because I hit alt+d fast and probably bumped the Winkey. Other then that I've had no problems running the game it runs smooth no slowdowns. Now i'm off to finish the tutorial.
  5. I got the game christmas day. And I asked Intel about my card and they said it does'nt have vertex shader of any kind. Well I decided to install it anyways and hope for some stroke of luck that it will work. Its pretty bad when a company does'nt know jack about there own products cuz this game works on my card. It only crashed on my twice so far. once when I decided to exit my CC then I downloaded the patch. and started the tutorial and it crashed on me when I tried to dock to my CC in a fighter. No matter this game is pure AWESOMENESS. And will make me loose sleep. can't wait to send a ground attack. [ 12-28-2004, 09:12 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  6. I finally got a straight answer from Intel it does'nt have Vertex Shader support Luckily i'm making a little money over Christmas break and I can use this game as an excuse to get a new video card (yes i'm getting the game for Xmas even though my computer can't run it) I'm thinking about getting a Radeon 9600SE that will work UC. now for another question: What is the difference between a Video Card, Graphics Adapter, and Video Adapter?
  7. I am planning to get this game soon but before I do I was wondering if it would work on my video card. So I tried to contact the manuefacturers and they did'nt help worth squat. They gave me a list of video cards and then every on in that list had vertex shader 1.0-2.0 does not tell me exactly what version number so i'll ask anyone here: does anyone have an Intel 82845G graphics controller and does it work with this UC?
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