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    Solar System

    It IS a comet impact
  2. antons

    Solar System

    Did I do the image thing right this time ?
  3. antons

    Solar System

    Ok Jamotto ordered Neptune Neptune: Neptune data (averages): Diameter: 30,775 miles Time to rotate: 19 hours, 12 minutes Orbit: 165 Earth years Compared to Earth: Mass: 17.2 times Earth's Diameter: 3.9 times Earth's Distance from Sun: 30 times as far Neptune is the eight Planet from Sun. Well sometimes it's the ninth too, but mroe to that later. This gas planet consists of ice, hydrogen, helium and methane. It's very blue because of the ice. Like the other gas planets, Neptune has rapidly swirling winds, but it is thought to contain a deep ocean of water. Its quick rotation fuels fierce winds and myriad storm systems. The planet has a faint set of rings and 8 known moons. Now to the 8th, 9th Planet thing: Because of Pluto's strange orbit, Neptune is sometimes the most distant planet from the Sun. Since 1979, Neptune was the ninth planet from the Sun. On February 11, 1999, it crossed Pluto's path and once again become the eighth planet from the Sun, where will remain for 228 years. Sounds pretty strange but it's the truth. Sorry don't know much more about it. Here's a photo of it: NEPTUNE I also found another very nice looking Image of Jupiter ANOTHER JUPITER Next person who wanna know about a planet please
  4. antons

    Solar System

    Jamotto, thanks for telling me about Celestia. Seems to be a nice Program. I'll check HomePlanet a bit later too.
  5. Lol! I'm happy I live in Germany
  6. antons

    Solar System

    Sorry, Didn't know I mustn't post images. Won't do it again. Please don't delete the post. Took me pretty long to write the stuff Ok Neptune will be next then. I will do it a bit later. Just got outta bed I'm pretty sleepy at the moment
  7. Page cannot be found ? Is it my problem or is it the wrong link ?
  8. antons

    Skateboarding Dog

    What the ?! How can a dog do this ? Lol. Nevermind ! Very funny!
  9. antons

    American Jedi

    LOL ! Tac ones good !
  10. antons

    New recruits wanting to join, report here

    Whee people ! Check out my knowledge ! JK But if you like take a look at >>THIS<< Thread. Tell me what's good and what's bad
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    Solar System

    Ok I found a very nice program for people who like to watch or get informations about our whole galaxy ! Check out >>THIS<< link. Scroll a bit down to get the Free 10 Day Trial version all others cost something. Thanks
  12. antons

    Solar System

    Ok people. You may choose which planet is next. The person who answers first chooses the Planet
  13. antons

    Solar System

    Hmm, what now? How about. Umm. VENUS ! Ok ok let me think what I know from top of my head and what I gotta look on homepages. Venus is a hot planet. Its temperature is between 400-500 degrees Celsius.(Don't know. I tihnk about 900 Fahrenheit) But the temperature isn't the most dangerous thing on it. Venus' atmosphere is about 95 times thicker then Earth's. You can even "see" the air. If you look through Venus atmosphere it looks like you're looking through water. It's about 7,520miles in diameter, needs 241 days to rotate once and needs 225 Earth Days to go around the sun. Compared to earth: Mass: 82% of Earth's Diameter: 95% of Earth's Distance from Sun: 70% as far Venus is mostly composed of Metal and Rock. You can see venus when you look up at night. after the moon it's the brightest object on the sky. I even looked a bit on it with my telescope. No one ever saw Venus' surface with own eyes. Only with probes that landed on it. It has an extremely big cloud cover. Photos: Computer generated surface: Thanks
  14. Hello people. I'm going to make this a place where I'll try to describe all Planets, the sun and other objects in our Star System(SOL). Let's start with Planet Jupiter: Jupiter is an extremely large planet. If it would've grown just a little bigger a fusion process would've begun and Jupiter would be a second sun. It is about 318 times bigger then the Earth. Sun is about 330 times bigger. Jupiter has an amazing magnetically field(or how it's written) You can even "hear"(!) Jupiter! This planet is really sending out radio waves. Sounds a lot like someone scratching a school table with his nails. It has at least 16 Moons. But scientist aren't yet sure. One of it's moons, Io, is the most vulcanic Object in our StarSystem. You could descripe Jupiter as a huge Ball Of Gas. It has a thick atmosphere of Hydrogen and Helium. It's 88,730m Miles in Diameter and needs only about 10 hours to rotate once! Takes 11.9 Earth Years to go around the sun. Now to the Great Red Spot: Jupiter's most familiar feature is swirling mass of clouds that are higher and cooler than surrounding ones. Called the Great Red Spot, it has been likened to a great hurricane and is caused by tremendous winds that develop above the rapidly spinning planet. Winds blow counterclockwise around this disturbance at about 250 miles per hour. Hurricanes on Earth rarely generate winds over 180 miles an hour. The Red Spot is twice the size of Earth and has been raging for at least 300 years. It is one of several storms on Jupiter. At Jupiter's center is a core of rock many times the mass of Earth. But the bulk of the planet is a thick gaseous murk that appears smeared through a telescope because the planet moves so rapidly beneath. Jupiter's rapid rotation causes it to bulge, making the diameter 7 percent greater at the equator than at the poles. Here are some Photos of the Great Red Spot: This sequence of eight images was taken between May 1992 and June 1999. IMAGE: Hubble Heritage Team And here's Jupiter: Send me a PM if you want any other information. Sorry for my, well not very good, English. What can I do ? I'm only 14 years old and german Any comments about my post are welcome. Tell me if I wrote something wrong or something like that Thanks