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  1. gehae

    xtracting mining drones

    incidentally, it isn't possible to destroy your own shuttles - at least not with the guns. I tried to shoot the shuttle, but the lazers appeared to just deflect off.
  2. gehae

    xtracting mining drones

    I ordered my shuttles to tow an enemy battle cruiser - which destroyed them. Then, I towed the enemy to a friendly star station and bought some shuttles and extracted my drones. Worked great.
  3. gehae

    xtracting mining drones

    quote:destroy your shuttles and buy new ones I thought about doing that... seems like in other games I've had shuttles killed or stolen and couldn't buy new ones. I'm not sure if my problem then was that I didn't have enough credit or if I wasn't doing something correctly. I was either in logistics or tactical loadout and when I clicked on the missing shuttle the response I got was that there was no replacement available. I tried at a couple stations, including galcom. Anyway, I've got lots of cash right now, so I'll give it a try.
  4. gehae

    xtracting mining drones

    quote: Remove all cargo in shuttles. If thats not the case then just load a previous save, The cargo bays are empty. I'd hate to go back to a previous save because I've kicked some serious butt while working on this problem.
  5. Any suggestions? So I've been mining and extracting with no problems, then I suddenly can't get my shuttles to extract the drones. I even hopped in a shuttle myself and tried the extract option there. And, I tried recovering the drone using the tractor - tried both from the cc and from a shuttle. In both cases, I can tow the drone, but I can't recover or deliver it. All I get is a failed docking error. My shuttles and CC are in 100% good shape, and since all 4 mining drones are deployed, the problem isn't that the shuttle I'm using already has a drone loaded. I made sure the shuttle craft cargo bays are empty (although that shouldn't have any bearing on the problem). I made sure the marines assigned to the shuttles have an AI rating of at least 18. Finally, I looked through all 11 posts I found that had the words 'mining drone extract' in them. Any ideas?
  6. quote:Regarding Nero: to clarify: I have both Nero 6 Ultra edition and Nerovision express 3. Both are fully updated.
  7. quote:If you get as far as the DC clip, READ the FAQ.1. I read the Troubleshooting FAQ. Maybe I am not recognizing the information that I need. The FAQ states that I have to have at least DirectX version 8.1 and Media Player version 7.1. I have DX version 9 and MP version 10. 3. I also downloaded the DirectX control panel applet and set all the debug sliders to 'less'. 2. the Macrovision post suggested that an upgrade from DivX 5.1 should solve the problem. I never had 5.1. Installing 5.2 gets me as far as seeing the DC clip. I was not seeing the DC clip 'till after I installed DivX 5.2 3. Regarding Nero: I just downloaded v., which has a release date of December 3rd, 2004
  8. Process explorer will not show codecs. You have to go to your multimedia settings in control panel for that. >> I looked, and didn't have divX codec. but, just for kicks, I downloaded version 5.2.1 - now I get as far as the dreamcatcher vidio clip before I get the message. btw, what version of Nero are you using? Have you updated to the latest version? >> I believe I've got the latest update - 6.6.01 or something like that.
  9. I believe I have checked everything in these posts - do you see something I missed? - Here's the error message: Protection Error Debugger detected - please close it down and restart. Windows NT users: Please note that having the WinIce/SoftIce service installed means that you are running a debugger. - I just bought and installed the game. I don't believe I have DivX installed (I searched for it, just in case, and returned no results) Appreciate the help... Here's the report from Process Explorer: Process PID CPU Description Company Name System Idle Process 0 100 Interrupts n/a Hardware Interrupts DPCs n/a Deferred Procedure Calls System 4 SMSS.EXE 668 Windows NT Session Manager Microsoft Corporation CSRSS.EXE 752 Client Server Runtime Process Microsoft Corporation WINLOGON.EXE 784 Windows NT Logon Application Microsoft Corporation SERVICES.EXE 828 Services and Controller app Microsoft Corporation ATI2EVXX.EXE 996 SVCHOST.EXE 1008 Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Microsoft Corporation SVCHOST.EXE 1072 Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Microsoft Corporation SVCHOST.EXE 1212 Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Microsoft Corporation wscntfy.exe 3796 Windows Security Center Notification App Microsoft Corporation SVCHOST.EXE 1264 Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Microsoft Corporation SVCHOST.EXE 1388 Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Microsoft Corporation SPOOLSV.EXE 1880 Spooler SubSystem App Microsoft Corporation MsPMSPSv.exe 1284 WMDM PMSP Service Microsoft Corporation ALG.EXE 948 Application Layer Gateway Service Microsoft Corporation LSASS.EXE 840 LSA Shell (Export Version) Microsoft Corporation ATI2EVXX.EXE 1776 EXPLORER.EXE 1824 Windows Explorer Microsoft Corporation WinComm.exe 2000 WinLock.exe 2040 CTDetect.exe 2020 Creative MediaSource Detector Creative Technology Ltd Netscp.exe 2116 Netscape Mozilla, Netscape iexplore.exe 212 Internet Explorer Microsoft Corporation NOTEPAD.EXE 2360 Notepad Microsoft Corporation procexp.exe 3088 Sysinternals Process Explorer Sysinternals Process: System Idle Process Pid: 0 Type Name