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  1. Sorry sir, doing it right now, I was in the hospital for a few days, I'm on it! I can't joing the team without a password =/
  2. Guess I was already registered, lol my bad ok I'm good to go.
  3. I just got back into town, I'm registering right now, count me in sir' The titan II waits your orders.
  4. Welp, I'll do my best..just know Zane..just know this!! Your wee little ship is on the recieving end of my STS missle bays =p
  5. Aye aye sir, but theres a problem...not to be rude..but theres only about 3 active members O.O At any rate, my ship awaits your orders.
  6. Aye aye sir, I'm good with listings and dates, let me just...BAH there goes the cooling ring..get back to ya asap...I just destroyed the launch bay..=)
  7. Peatydog Here, fires are lit. Ion drives on standby =)
  8. Oy, that sucks...you need to get system info up tho..or you will be banned =s
  9. Farewell Cartman, come back soon! =) On another note, I've also noticed the lack of inactivity and with the MP Season a few weeks away I am a bit nervous, probably not my place to say so and forgive my objection but wraith we should probably get stuff sorted out asap.
  10. Just wondering if there are any more** training sessions planned as of yet..I've been working on server four practicing aganst the AI lately..but its just not cutting it =p I was just curious is all. -Peaty out
  11. sunday is great with me sir aswell as anytime after sunday.
  12. Tuesday and thursday are bad times for me m8..in fact the entire week is a bad time for me =/ I've got to work.
  13. Ok, just updated signiture yet again and finished looking over manual, anything else sir?
  14. Okie just updated sig and stuff, if I left anything out let me know
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