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  1. YUP!!! Not straight away though. I like to let others buy games first so I can hear their opinions first. Mind you, half of the time I dont listen to what other people say in reviews anyway. They dont give you the right impression on a game. Ive got quite a few that people say "suck", but I like them. But yes, Im kinda looking forward to giving it a try.
  2. GREAT! Ive got the day off work too so I can try it out.
  3. Im assuming that your current saved game (that crashes) was first started 'after' you had patched BCM to your current version. Please note that the current patch that you are using is in beta form untill all pending problems have been resolved (see the VCF for more info.. as well as info regarding invalid saved games from previous versions of the game).
  4. Ive always been a fan of team based games, and the idea of using shuttles to carry people around seems a better idea to me. The DJP would work, but as its been mentioned, you will have to deal with campers, hanging around them. But I feel that the DJP takes away the fun of navigating the terrain on your way to your desination, so the you dont get the same feeling of the distances involved. Using shuttles opens up a lot of game play too, if proper team play is used. You will end up 'needing' each other in urgent situations such as you base being over run. Just call in for evac and get the hell out of there! Theres the anticipation of the shuttle arriving, and the fear of the shuttle not making it there in one piece (air support please!!). But with the DJP, you just run over to it, step in and POOF, your in another location, away from danger, which seems a easy way out to me, even if the DJP is set a distance away from the base, it seems less fun. Thats my two cents anyway.
  5. Look at the VCF under the downloads page (or at the top of the forums main page) for most current problems being fixed. Regarding the comment about loosing some team members... Check that your not trying to deploy SF marines to the planet (they cant be transported down, nor can a shuttle drop them on the surface). They can only be deployed in space.
  6. Im still here too. Sorry for the delay. Been on vacation.
  7. Ive just realised that you dont have your system profile added to you sig. Please correct this (do a searh using the boards built in features on the topic). Normaly tech support is only given out 'after' your system profile has been added, so that people can see what hardware you have, and help trouble shoot based upon that info.
  8. Next year will be here sooner than you think. I cant wait to try out the night missions in BCG, just to see the glow maps in action.
  9. Detonator 4 is a beta driver for Windows 2000/XP Windows 98 version hasnt been released yet by Nvidia. The link above is for Detonator 3, even though it does say its version 30.82 If you have the 98 version of Detonator 4, then its a leaked version, and may contain bugs (use leaked drivers at your own risk) Version 30.82 is the current offical version untill Detonator 4 is out of beta stage testing [ 09-12-2002, 10:53 AM: Message edited by: Roberto ]
  10. I used to hate my old jobs that I had before this one. I 'used' to think that I enjoyed it, but how can you when you dont look forward to go there each day, and live for the clock to say home time. My life got turned around when I got so sick of being bored and depressed, so I got all my money, quit my job, and traveled across the USA for a few months, meeting all the penpals I had met before. Lots of fun! Now Ive moved here to the USA, and work full time as a programmer, and for the first time ever, I prefer being at work than being at home! only because I love my job. Yeah its easy to loose sight of what you want out of life when you hate your job. Mind you, Im 28 years old, and I still dont know what I want from life, or where i want it to go.
  11. HEY! The Terran Raid was fun! I got all but one cloaked ship, which I just couldnt make a dint in its hull. if you fly backwards, they follow you so if you wait a little, you notice them right there infront of you! Then just start blasting away untill they get so close that they have to turn, and repeat. Do they ever run out of missiles? The last ship fired missiles at me for over an hour! [ 08-29-2002, 12:11 PM: Message edited by: Roberto ]
  12. Damm! I forgot to put what ship class I wanted. I normaly fly the Battle Cruiser MK 3. Actualy, I dont remember seing the option to choose a class of ship on the form.
  13. I didnt mean it in a bad way. I was just supprised since I had not come across this before. There is no doubt a lot more things that some of us havent even seen before, which is always a nice supprise for anyone. You have to admit, the AI often takes us all by supprise! (unless you wrote it, in which case you expect it to do certain things...)
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