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  1. YUP!!! Not straight away though. I like to let others buy games first so I can hear their opinions first. Mind you, half of the time I dont listen to what other people say in reviews anyway. They dont give you the right impression on a game. Ive got quite a few that people say "suck", but I like them. But yes, Im kinda looking forward to giving it a try.
  2. GREAT! Ive got the day off work too so I can try it out.
  3. Ive always been a fan of team based games, and the idea of using shuttles to carry people around seems a better idea to me. The DJP would work, but as its been mentioned, you will have to deal with campers, hanging around them. But I feel that the DJP takes away the fun of navigating the terrain on your way to your desination, so the you dont get the same feeling of the distances involved. Using shuttles opens up a lot of game play too, if proper team play is used. You will end up 'needing' each other in urgent situations such as you base being over run. Just call in for evac and get the hell out of there! Theres the anticipation of the shuttle arriving, and the fear of the shuttle not making it there in one piece (air support please!!). But with the DJP, you just run over to it, step in and POOF, your in another location, away from danger, which seems a easy way out to me, even if the DJP is set a distance away from the base, it seems less fun. Thats my two cents anyway.
  4. Im still here too. Sorry for the delay. Been on vacation.
  5. Next year will be here sooner than you think. I cant wait to try out the night missions in BCG, just to see the glow maps in action.
  6. I used to hate my old jobs that I had before this one. I 'used' to think that I enjoyed it, but how can you when you dont look forward to go there each day, and live for the clock to say home time. My life got turned around when I got so sick of being bored and depressed, so I got all my money, quit my job, and traveled across the USA for a few months, meeting all the penpals I had met before. Lots of fun! Now Ive moved here to the USA, and work full time as a programmer, and for the first time ever, I prefer being at work than being at home! only because I love my job. Yeah its easy to loose sight of what you want out of life when you hate your job. Mind you, Im 28 years old, and I still dont know what I want from life, or where i want it to go.
  7. Damm! I forgot to put what ship class I wanted. I normaly fly the Battle Cruiser MK 3. Actualy, I dont remember seing the option to choose a class of ship on the form.
  8. Im here!!! I thought you would never check your mail. I sent you that PM a LONG time ago.. Anyway, whats my position??
  9. Hey! How did I miss that one. Your right, my fault. Thanks for pointing that one out for me.
  10. Salvor, This is what the VCF reads reagrding this known problem. quote: The shuttle can deploy assets while still airborne. This causes a problem where a mining drone can still collect minerals if deployed from an airborne shuttle. This problem is only happening due to relaxed rules which do not require the shuttle to actually *land* first. Once the deploy/evac issue described below is resolved, this problem will disappear. [ 08-19-2002, 09:04 AM: Message edited by: Roberto ]
  11. Talking about plant life on the planets. Would there be any posibility that it will be added to BCM at a later date? I remember a while ago some one mentioned that you had shown them how to add is in to BCM (one of the beta testers...)
  12. Man! The more I read Viper2000's messages here, the more I want to take a day off work and play BCM all day Ahh if only there were more hours in the day.
  13. WOW A lot of work has gone in to the detail of that. It makes me want to climb in and take it for a ride
  14. Will we be able to land on the stations that have landing pads, so that we could eject from the craft and walk around? If we do this in BCM, the ship doesnt 'stick' to the surface.
  15. I think that you will find that he is refering to the CD key, which came with your existing version of BCM. That alone proves that you bought the CD.
  16. Your right about the 'cartoony' look. I wasnt 100% sure about the new look when I first tried the demo. IG3 does have a nice look, although the icons for Close, Flee, Attack Device etc.. are not the best in my opinion. But the rest looks good. Are you considering going back to the 'cockpit' view from the previous version? It helped for the atmosphere, giving you a 'sense' of being inside the ship.
  17. Awww I was about to post about the lighting effects on the planets, when I realised you just updated the VCF with a comment about it. Im glad you caught that one about the light direction moving with the camera. Nice effects by the way.
  18. Great news . Im assuming that this is the reason why the shuttle wouldnt take off too. Im looking forward to trying the next RC out, as always
  19. Has anyone been able to extract a team of marines yet? I cant figure it out. The shuttle lands a long way away, but my marines dont even atempt to run towards it after its landed. Ive selected them for evac, but they dont move. SC, does the fact that the shuttle over shoots its waypoint mean that the AI of the pilot is too low? I dont have any really high AI marines/pilots to see if it lands closer.
  20. He's right. I had the same thing. I figured I was doing something wrong so I kept trying. I set up 3 waypoints which were. 1: Proceed to next 2: Deploy 3: Wait for instructions. Well it landed, gave me the message about lifting off in 5.., then it counts down, and sits there. Only because of the fact I gave it the wait for instructions waypoint. Without the wait for instructions waypoint, it takes off after the countdown. OC didnt deploy, and neither did the marines.
  21. Yipppeee! another reason for staying on the computer all night long!!!! OOo im gona be in trouble tomorrow by the wife..
  22. If you can get all the good channels from DirectTV, then I would go for it. My internet via a cable modem costs me $40 each month alone!!
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