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  1. I'm a newbie to UC scripting running 2.19 and so far have only played Roam cmndr. I'm trying to get a more dynamic feel to the space environment (though I realize this is obstructive for ACM scripts) . I've been up all night getting armed transports for mil forces in-game by editing the glob_ag file With great success but would appreciate a few more pointers: How do I "persuade" AG enemies to patrol occupied systems aggressively and stations to lauch defensive fighter patrols. Is this done in Objclass with direct/indirect/_attack_class orders? or do I need to script it the the main .scr with cyclic orders (bit beyond me at the mo- but not 4 long!) or do I just need to make them loiter longer in glob_ag. Also my technique for killing ods's is to HJ to them and stop dead shooting all the while at 2klicks i'm sorry to say they just look at you in the standard ROAM .scr - not at all like Legacy BC3k. Will aforementioned direct/indirect_attack_class affect this behaviour? Any readers out there who could help would be first to get the finished dynamic roam scr.... eventually!
  2. Why do I sometimes come across neutral NPC members of my own caste and race in SP roam what's their agenda just returning for repairs or what?
  3. Is there a way for me to set a deadzone for my floppy MS sidewinder (I have the gameport version which is no longer supported for xp).
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