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  1. Ah thanks kalshion Anyway,I'd recommend the demo to noone,to be honest.400+ Mbytes for approximately 5 to 7 minutes fun is not very balanced IMO. And though the game already has the potential to catch the ST feeling,IMO they need some serious more work to do until they can release it.If the demo represents beta-stage(or higher),then good-night,as the demo lacks quality a lot(though demos are normally used to awaken the interest of possible purchasers...)
  2. quote:Anyone get past the crash site? I've died each time and that's on the easy setting.Yep.Managed it in the 2ndt attempt. You have to pick up the heavy shotgun at the crash site. It kills 1 bug with 1 shot.(though it is even then still quite tough to survive) Well,and then you just have to plant the mines near the outpost,to trigger the massive spawnfest of bugs(I'd say 100+ bugs). This last onslaught did IMO compensate the rather lame beginning,especially when the bugs manage to break through the outpost's walls.Though unfortunately the demo ends quite abrupt the moment when the big bug breaks through(the flame throwing one,don't know how it is named).
  3. Hm,I'm pretty sure they wont see it my way but,call me naive, I still believe in the rationality of mankind ^.-
  4. Oh,no sorry,didn't want to be insulting.. :/ Well, anyway,I'm also pretty sure that they aim to become more mighty(world domination may be a bit aimed to high I guess),but that is IMO comprehensible,as they(China) have always been a world power,except for the last 400 years(due to civil war etc).Furthermore,there is no possibility for them to take world domination with military means.Because of the wmd's the other world powers posses.Of course,they could launch them(and vice versa),but then there wouldn't be anything left to conquer. Not to speak of an amphibios landing in the US,which would be impossible. No,if they want to take world domination,they are most likely do do it without military means.They have other ways to "dominate the world".For example with economics.
  5. eh?what's the problem with china,apart from that they are no republic or democracy(and no,you don't need to tell me about the violtions of human rights,I'm a aware of that,but I'm pretty sure that 1.5 billions of human beings can quite easily overthrow their government if they wanted to)? And why should they attack the US?You do not really consider the KP that dumb to anihilate their extraordinary work through attacking the US?Apart from that,this comment caught my atttention: posted by Chavis quote:In which case,we may need to learn a few 'insurgent' lessons of our own So you'd suicide bomb also..or what shall I conclude from this commment
  6. quote: And it's to America's shame that we acquiesced to the EU dealing with this issue. To Americas shame?ROFL.In which world is the EU's decision making dependant from America ? Of course it's sad that peaceful negotiations didn't help when dealing with Teheran,but IMO still better to try it first the peaceful(without threats) way,even with the risk to fail.
  7. Nah,I think Uwe Boll should decide who's the next James Bond.Or,better,Uwe Boll should direct the next Bond movie
  8. You may want to turn your speaker's volume a bit down before listening to one of these songs BTW:Don't miss the song from Jeanne & John:Dates Dates Dates Dates But only on your own risk!
  9. http://service.spiegel.de/cache/internatio...,369448,00.html This is just crazy. quote:The Seventh Phase This final stage is described as "definitive victory." Hussein writes that in the terrorists' eyes, because the rest of the world will be so beaten down by the "one-and-a-half million Muslims," the caliphate will undoubtedly succeed. This phase should be completed by 2020, although the war shouldn't last longer than two years.Especially this part.And the most scarying thing is that the terrorists are dead serious :/ They must be living in another world.
  10. quote:What about that 35 hour work week though how does that work?(Related to Germany)Well,that was the point I also was wondering about.Because accordingly to this source (as this is in german i'll translate roughly) the Germans have worked more in 2004 than 2003.According to the Statistische Bundesamt(an institute of the german state),men in the west of germany have worked 40,3 hours per week,men in the east of germany have worked 40,1 hours per week. This quote:we prefer to discuss reducing our 35-hour .was a subject in September 2003 when the Trade Union IG Metall tried to reduce the weekly working time to 35 hours in the eastern countries of germany(as they thought then there would be created more employment places-->as in the east in some places there are unemployment rates of 25 % and more). Edit:Sorry,didn't see nomad's post,as I had the website opened for 15 minutes without refreshing.
  11. quote:The topics title is the title of an article, and since this topic is about that article, therefore the title is VERY appropriate for this thread, anything else would be missguiding.Sorry about that.I was in fact refering to the article in the link you provided,not to this thread's name.But I ran out of vocabulary thus I just typed "topic"hoping it wouldn't be misunderstood About my sentence about the facts:There are facts,but IMO they don't justify to think about Europe being run as cowards--->but I know that this is my subjective view.I'd better thought twice before typing the sentence.
  12. Well,some points in this article(the 1 in the australian news) are quite valid,others not.For example I don't consider it cowardly if the majority of the european states doesn't want to wage war.As we have already had enough war. quote:Europe still hasn't learned. Rather than protecting democracy in the Middle East, European appeasement, camouflaged behind the fuzzy word equidistance, often seems to countenance suicide bombings in Israel by fundamentalist Palestinians. I'd rather consider the EU behavior cautios,not cowardly.As it is tried not to exclude specific groups. quote:By suggesting - wait for it - that the proper response to such barbarism is to initiate a Muslim holiday in Germany. I wish I were joking, but I am not. A substantial fraction of Germany's Government - and, if polls are to be believed, the German people -- actually believe that creating an official state Muslim holiday will somehow spare us from the wrath of fanatical Islamists. This is hilarios.The muslim holiday proposal was made at the 15. of November 2004 by H.C Stroebele,an politician of the german green party(an liberal,conservationist party).This propsal lasted for,uhm, 1 day.Then it wasn't a topic any more. Mathias Doepfner should know that.Because he,as the chief executive of German media group Axel Springer,was responsible for the outrage against the muslim holiday,as this(the people's outrage) was encouraged by the rather right-wing popular/populistic *newspaper* "Bild",which is made by Axel Springer.Thus I'm clueless why M.Doepfner,as the chief executive,is making stuff up. Furthermore,the topics title is quite innapropiate.The facts are missing.
  13. http://service.spiegel.de/cache/internatio...,366723,00.html Oh my,these people are insane.And I highly doubt that a psychiatrist will help.Terror just for the sake of violence and death.If they had at least political motives,one could still negotiate(though the terrorist acts would still be condamnable),the whole thing could find an end. :/
  14. Not recommended for people with weak nerves
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