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  1. Nika Bosmit

    Universal Combat SE - NOW ON SALE!!

    SC, do You have any agreements or conversations with "Akella" or any other Russian publisher about releasing of Universal Combat SE in Russia?
  2. Nika Bosmit

    Patches for russian version.

    ucAWA.exe - v 1.00.04 UCAWAMP.EXE -v. 1.00.08
  3. Nika Bosmit

    Patches for russian version.

    Will .11 update released in Russia? I want this new sound engine too. And, SC I have a BIG favour to You. I think "Akella" needs some kickass. They still haven't released .10 patch and blame 3000ad for it. Maybe You able to manage this situation somehow? Make them release .11 patch, and I promise, I never disturb You anymore (till Akella release NextGen, he-he!)
  4. Nika Bosmit

    Patches for russian version.

    No.Russian release is: ucAWA.exe - v 1.00.04 UCAWAMP.EXE -v. 1.00.08 "Akella" promise localised v 1.00.10 update in a week. So we just have to wait for a while. By the way, here's a bug in russian v.1.00.04. If Intruder captured to Prisoner when PERSCAN is active - CTD. Is this due to localisation?
  5. "AKELLA" pulls out version 1.00.04. Should I try to use patch from public mirrors? If this will not work for me, SC ,please, could You use your authority to make "AKELLA" guys localise latest patch? I think, all Russian BC community joins me in this request.
  6. Traditionally press release from "Akella" awalible only from russian site. Here's the Link And traditional question to SC: do Russians get the latest version of game? And what about next updates? By the way, Akella keep the half of original title this time. Russian UC AWA has proud name "UC At the edge of universe" (I translate russian title).
  7. Nika Bosmit

    UC in Russia - now oficially.

    And one more question. Will be additional content, provided with patches (such as new scenarios and especially GBS-III) available in Russian UC?
  8. Nika Bosmit

    UC in Russia - now oficially.

    Here is Russian UC cd-cover. Ozon.ru SC, how you like it?
  9. Nika Bosmit

    UC in Russia - now oficially.

    quote: Akella have the rights (they recently got it from us directly) to UCAWA and it will be released over there later this year. quote: btw, do you have a direct link to the page? I'd like to see what the box shot looks like. http://www.akella.com/ru/newsarchive/2005/07/15/univcombat/ -, but there's no boxshot, only text topic. So, what about version number?
  10. Nika Bosmit

    UC in Russia - now oficially.

    I translated the name. Exact title is "Kosmoflot. Voennoe Pokolenie". By the way, BC Millenium Gold by Akella was just "Kosmoflot". This news was posted on Russian version of Akella.com. They did not the same for eng. version.(maybe they afraid of your righteous anger ) So, what about the patches, will they be available? Or it will be Final version? And, little bit offtopic, but please answer. Is there any possibility of UC: AWA from Akella or any other russian publisher?
  11. UC localized by Akella oficially gone gold under the title "Spaсe Fleet.War generation". What about techsupport for this version?
  12. Nika Bosmit


    quote: many Russian games I've come across are total crap And Parkan 2 is one of them. Forget about UC+Planetside. It's FreelancerLike space arcade whith almost total absence of trading, linear storyline and boring repetative gameplay. But I must admit good implementation shooter and spacesim elements in one game. On this point P2 kicks all of Your SC games absolutely. quote:Anyway, the game is supposed to be a total shambles.LMAO.
  13. Nika Bosmit

    Missions for Roam Mode!

    Please send Generator on [email protected]
  14. Nika Bosmit

    Universal Combat - A World Apart Announced

    And what about "Hostile Intent"? will Dreamcatcher be it's publisher too?