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  1. Just checked and that is the drivers im using as well. I also d/led the new VIA drivers last month. I dont know what it is if Remo is using them too????
  2. I will try the Older video drivers. yes I'm using an FX5200. I'm running the 63.33 drivers. ( I think thats what they are, just came out).
  3. and I have updated the video drivers to the newest released by nvidia.
  4. I am running 9c! already checked that, thought I put it in the profile? DXDIAG says 9c.
  5. Ok, I'll try this again lol. I bought the game, had a prob with CTD when using TradCon. after READING the forum, found that patch had fixed said prob. Patched to 2.0 then to the .19 as per the Patch thread. Had MASSIVE screen flicker on bottom half in first menu screen and in game. uninstalled and wiped Dirs and reinstalled and patched. Same prob. reinstalled and patched only the 2.0 (First patch avail.) and screen is fine. using this patch untill I find out what the problem is. any ideas????
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