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  1. Hi everyone, is there info on the Engstrom Carrier anywhere? Like to do comparisons. Yes i have played with it and found out what its like but just to see the data in front of me would be great. Cheers
  2. The problem is opening those files. As i understand it, they are Mac files. How does the mac files open in a windows evironment. I have PM regnow for clues but as of yet they haven't got back to me. Cheers for the reply.
  3. HI everyone. Long time player, only a couple of posts... reason for this one is that i have DL UCCE v2.0 the full version from regnow/digital river and it is only a small 353KB DL. called "Download UniversalCombatCE_2_0_DR now.1.2D0D17.efw" I opened it with 7 zip and the files are UPX0, UPX1, certificate and .rsrc. I have asked to get the CD as well, but does this mean the i am recieving the same thing? They have no file extensions and i am no wizard. What is this and how do i get it to work?
  4. The scope of this game is absolutely phenomonal. To think that from the ground to the sea (although i haven't had much success at piloting any naval craft yet), then to the sky and beyond is a concept that should appeal to any hardcore sim, strategy and any tactical orientated mind. Obviously each individual person is going to encounter different issues with graphics, sound, FPS mode,(like not being able to command ground troops effectively and accurately, but as mentioned this is not HALO or trying to assimilate it). But given the range of playability and range of careers, not to mention that any craft that's in the game can be piloted or driven. I, on first impressions am very happy with my recent purchase thank you very much.
  5. hello everyone, long time browser, first time poller. The best thing I have found with this game is its longevity. The ROAM scenario is awesome for just making up your own missions and generally wreaking havoc. The most enjoyable games are limited only by the scope of your imagination. And i think people owning this game have very large and absorbing imaginations.
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