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  1. Not true, It was really really good for a while.
  2. Its a really big shock to remember how excited I was about this game at the time, and the post I made blasting WoW.. damn that was hilarious considering I played it 3 years.. So hows EARTHCOMM? Was pretty dead when I left, and I guess my vanishing didn't help. At least it still having forum space here is a promising sign...
  3. I can't beleive I managed to completly disappear for 3+ years. I wouldn't even be here now if I hadn't picked up the UC box in a moment of bordem. So whats been happening? Do we have an MMO yet?
  4. Lol I can't beleive I wrote this. Seems like i've been playing WoW forevor. Damn I was annoyed that day.
  5. Got distracted by World of Warcraft.... and knights of the old republic II......
  6. No cell phone jammers, I couldn't care less if people talk on thier cell-phones all day. I have "selective" hearing.
  7. The president of the company was called "Resnick"? Resnik-Resnig...........
  8. Sorry I'm a european.... Level 18 Magican
  9. We'l. it was disabled on their website, for some reason they didn't expect all of europe to try to create accounts at once, dunno what they thought would happen......... But yeah its working now and its great (Got added to the ignore listt of everyone in westfall cos I B*tched about dying all the time though)
  10. World of Warcraft is intolerable, its a rip-off. I bought this game at £30 and all I got was a pretty box and an intro cutscene, Blizzard were kind enough to disable an important feature: Account Creation. so I can't play world of warcraft. Despite having paid Blizzard £30 for one month of access. It is ambsolutly INTOLERABLE. I refuse to accept ANY excuse from blizzard, they are savvy enough that nothing can excuse them from this. It was released to-day in europe! and we are getting Screwed-Over BIG-TIME!. Anyone who want's to say "It will be fixed eventually" just say it. at the time of posting there is only a possiblity that I MIGHT one-day be able to play it, I know the type of stuff thats in MMORPG's EULA's and they don't even have to provide access to it for paying customers. UC is my first battlecruiser game but i'm sure the SC has NEVER done anything like this and i'm sure not many have. PS: It seems to me to be like: Sorry we forgot to put the game in the box wait for an unspecified amount of time. we might send it.
  11. I think that the company are being jerks, frankly. I don't think there are many lawsuits about people modding their games.
  12. Half-life II is a nucience. I probably will not buy it because this "Steam" issue.
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