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  1. Ah, you are correct. My apologies. I think by reading "1st experience" and being a recent post, I assumed (you know what that means) that you were still looking for ways around that. I like the one about life support. Never tried that, but then I haven't been able to play much lately (3 kids 3 and under! ) plus I got Freelancer recently and am having fun mindlessly shooting at things.
  2. You guys must never have come across the trick of launching a shuttle, shutting down launch control, then having your commander EVA from the bridge, jet over to the shuttle, then board her as the pilot. Then when you get back, you have to reverse the sequence to get aboard your CC.
  3. Actually, I believe that is the original title for the British version of the 1st book. It was renamed "the Sorcerer's Stone" later on.
  4. I looked for this in the manual, in the other docs, and in the forums, but I haven't found an answer. Is there a way to order other ships to cloak using Fleet C&C? Under the Fleet C&C menu, I see this menu called "system controls" with "cloaking" being one of the options (with a check box next to it). However, I can't find that menu described anywhere in the literature as to what changing those options does or how to enable cloaking some other way. I am guessing that perhaps fleet cloaking is not allowed, as it would be difficult to issue orders to uncloak your fleet when they no longer show up on your scan. However, that "system controls" menu had me puzzled.
  5. I was a bit stunned when I dropped into Gammulan system last night and immediately had 11 intruders on board my Megaron. Fortunately, they were low AI, although I still ended up with a half-dozen marines that are going to be in medibay for quite a while. What is the largest number of intruders that anyone has had on board their ship at one time?
  6. OK, I'll try to send them tonight after I get home from work. One thought that occurred to me: it seems like most of the people that have had this happen were deploying multiple mining drones in one region. I had 2 deployed, and was able to extract 1. Not sure if that might have something to do with it. I'm prepared to face the wrath of the SC if I did do something stupid. I appreciate you taking time to address this though.
  7. OK, I tried out the suggestions posted above with no luck. I zoomed TACOPS down near the surface and panned 360 degrees while looking at the horizon. All I ever see are 2 bases, one TER/MIL and the other TER/INS (perhaps I'm not at the correct zoom level). I tried manually piloting a shuttle down with the same result. I even droned around for quite a while looking to see if I could find it. It still shows up in TACTICAL as deployed and on Earth. Guess I'm out of luck. I was looking for a reason to re-start anyway, so I'll take the easy way out and bail. Thanks for the help guys.
  8. Note that nowhere in my previous posts did I suggest this is a bug. I knew about the previous issues with drones from other posts so I wanted to bring the topic under discussion to try to find out if it was my experience level or a game issue. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give those a try. By the way, is there somewhere that indicates how close you need to be to a drone to find it? By the way, I did try several times to land a shuttle and extract the drone without targeting it. My shuttle pilot just tells me the drone isn't there. And while I am a n00b at UC, I did play BC3K quite a bit several years ago. I feel I do know my way around the game reasonably well since the general scheme of things hasn't changed.
  9. OK. I updated to v2.00.20 and still have the same problem. I hadn't updated previously because the VCF did not indicate that it addressed this topic between RC19 and RC20, and since I have dialup at home, I put off the update. Aside from that, am I stuck with a missing drone?
  10. Oh, forgot to mention. I am running v2.00.19 patched version.
  11. I know this topic has been visited in previous posts, but I was not sure if it had been completely resolved. - Mining drone deployed on Earth (somewhere up in Siberia). - Shuttle RTB's and CC leaves Earth space to patrol Alpha Centauri region. - Return to Earth, I zoom in to region where mining drone was deployed, try to zoom to "Support Crafts" and no drone appears in the list. - Knowing it should be there, I tried deploying a shuttle anyway to retrieve it. Says it can't find it. - Go to Tactical->Loadout->SC2->Drone2, and it says that it's current location is on Earth and it is 100% full. I assume this is a case where the drone ran through the surface mesh and is now inverted somewhere in the region. Is there a way to either retrieve it or destroy it so that I can buy another? Or am I just SOL for what I assume was deploying on bad terrain? I have game saves available. I also apologize for my somewhat empty system profile. I plan to remedy that tonight.
  12. Thought I read about the pods eventually self-distructing in the manual somewhere. Regardless, they appear to in the game because they disappear after a while. Maybe someone else snatched them up.
  13. Running v2.00.19, so I'm almost fully up-to-date. Since I'm early in the game, I attribute it to low AI marines. I haven't been playing very long, so they haven't had opportunity to "get smart". I guess for the time being I have to put up with baby-sitting them very closely. Was having trouble last night getting them to tow and/or retrieve cargo pods too. I think I had at least 2 pods self-distruct because the shuttle wouldn't pick them up in time. Also had trouble retrieving mining drones, but eventually worked that out. Very frustrating, but all in the fun of the game.
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