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  1. Thadius

    Call Of Duty 4 -Modern Warfare

    i play and am in a cod4 clan for competive play called hf so if you see any =]-[f= signs in front of anybodys name thats my ppl derek whats the status of your server id live to play aginst or with ya
  2. Thadius

    My Server Is UP

    Game is universial combat a world apart server specs are P4 2.8 1 gig ram abit as8 motherboard on a 1mb t1 cable modem
  3. i am running a server on my box it is set to 5-6 man for now if more play i will set highet well see the turnout ill leave it up 24/7 for all timezones its called Thadius test fleet server or something to that effect feel free to join id like to se what i can handle while playing at same time also i spoke to my dedicated server sompany i can host this gamee there if i biu them and give them the digital distro so i might get that later on in a month or so pleasr all reply to this who whould like to train or just play on my server my xfire is thadiuz feel free to add me
  4. i want to get atleast one server up i have a 20 man garymod server i might be able to convert to ucawa if anyone has a copy they whould like to upload ill give you full admin haswell i pay about 45 a month for it so ill talk to them i cant afford a new copy of the game tho this month atleast so if any one wants to get up now ill gladly upload that copy if any allready have a server im not seeing and whould let me play and train on it please let me know thanks in advance
  5. Thadius

    New recruits wanting to join, report here

    i am wanting to join a fleet for training and fun please let me know your fleet status