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  1. Sweet. I used D2D myself. Just never tried taking that base yet.
  2. Ok, I went there in a Megaron, disabled the station, docked (no CTD), tried to open Tradecom and crashed. I then did it once more. This time, with fresh game and NO saves. CTD at Tradecom. I did another test. This time, created a Ter/Ins char, launch base Borealis. Spawned, docked. Checked all OTHER options. Then tried Tradecom/CTD/WTF. No station capture this time. It happened with a fully healthy, FRIENDLY station. Do you get the feeling that station doesn't want to trade?
  3. I tried this. Used 'Restore' not resume. Docked fine, then tried Tradecom. CTD'd. Will try getting there and doing it myself.
  4. One tip I can give for those using ships with Fighters: SPARE PARTS Not all SP's are created equal. Sure, its nice to have them, but if they cost more than the FC repair units, you dont need them UNTIL the craft takes critical damage to a system and HAS to be replaced. I buy FC repair items, a LOT of them (hey, my pilots cant seem to dodge), but the other parts I won't buy unless they cost less that the general repair units. I do buy the more expensive parts for replacing destroyed items, but thats not often.
  5. Right. Got it. Will get it next month. (drools) BTW, saw the demo, was able to do some of the IA mish's, cant seem to do the 'Last Man Standing', cause I can't see the hostiles. Most annoying.
  6. Im a long time Battlecruiser nut. I got the original version that was released, and was thouroghly entrenched. (This, regardless of the stupid publisher who thought releasing an unfinished game that so irked most who bought it that they blammed SC for the entire fiasco). Last year, I got, with a 5 month separation, BMG and UC. As you can guess, I can't get enough. Now, I know from experience, that a DX 8.x game running under 9.x can be a bit flaky. These last 2 games proved that point but ONLY after DX was upgraded to 9.0c (still have no clue why). Now, I want better. I saw that UCG was ported to DX9 compatability, and AWA as well. My question is, should I upgrade to UC-AWA or wait for BCNG? This might become moot in the next month or 2, since I REALLY want AWA, but should I wait? SC has put more effort into this series than most any other game developers can claim. And the quality shows. So should I? Or wait like some slavering Insergent waiting to ambush a ship with new tech on it?
  7. SC, I found something that may be relavent. I am able to get the CE to stop his repair insanity on occasion, but when fighters with 'unrepairable' damage docks, he starts again. During one of the lulls, I docked at a station for resupply. While looking through the Spare Parts, the following anomalys showed up: Droids 2/10 Machinery 2/5 Tools 1/10 Now, EVERY system on the CC is at 100%, Green, and the CE is quiecent. Is it possible there's a bridge item flaged for needing parts? I haven't tried Playmod yet, as I don't really trust cheat programs much. But I might try damaging the bridge items that usually catch phantom repairs to see what happenes. What do you think? Do I have a bug in my data files?
  8. I serious, Ive fixed every thing, to 100% everywhere, and it still shows up. with all support craft (including the oc's) out of the ship. Before, it'd show up with something unstable aboard, but this smacks of an unstable PERSON (maybe my AE is taking pot shots at the screen with the wrist laser, who knows). I'm sorry SC, but this is one of those stumpers that drives me nuts. But tell me, do intruders have personal cloak fields? Time to remove all but the AE, CE and 5 engies.
  9. Ooookay, here we go again. Thought this was solved, but just got a new wrinkle. I made a mistake of hitting a disabled fighter with a missile as it was flying toward me. It impacted while exploding and caused all kinds of ugly. Of course, I set all 20 engies to fixing the reactor problems first, then let the CE try some. Bridge viewer kept taking damage, reading 100%, and CE kept assigning most the engies to fix it. Thinking to nip this one in the bud, I packed everything into shuttles and launched them. All I had was fuel onboard. No spare parts, no repair mins, no non-fuel normal mins, etc. Even took the missiles out. Damage still showed up with CE on duty. No this goes beyond the 'there's something onboard causing the damage' excuse. I need a hint here. Whatever it is, it's starting to annoy the hell out of me, since it's stealing engies the CE assignes to it from more important things.
  10. I had weird flickering in AO and EO right about the time I upgraded to DX 9.0b. Since that's the only common denominator, since its happening with both Nvidia and ATI cards, I'd think there be the problem. MS and their programmers are out to get us.
  11. Got something similar. I use 56.65 Nvidia drivers normally. Decided to try the 66.94's. Bad move that. BCMG AND UC have odd coloration of the stations. Don't belive me, check THIS out. Yes, that's supposedly the Starpath at Mars. When I went back to 56.64, the colors reverted. Something bad with those drivers.
  12. I like software I can buy and d/l. It's that 'spend a few mins after purchase and start USING it' feeling I love.
  13. Everbody knows, (or should) that SuperCarriers are not good for dogfighting. That being said I'd like to tell people about the Homer I pulled. After starting a new game, I had my shuttles deploy the miners on earth in Africa, then proceeded to the Neptune jump. Mind you, this is a brand spanking new, unupgraded Firestorm. I hadn't evem swapped out the copilots in the fighters to the other 4 yet. I know Neptune is a lawless area, with some targets that beg to be shot. It was here I decided to spend the time the miners needed to load up. Plus, I know how to handle such a big ship. Boy was I in for a supprise. Upon jumping through the gate to Neptune, alarms started sounding. So I checked the locals. Seems I jumped into an ambush. A Sunflash, Warmonger, BC Mk 3 and an Aestrom, along with about a dozen (I didn't count them all) fighters were near the gate. Actually, BETWEEN me and the gate. I quickly realized I needed new pair of underwear, and hit the acceleration and started jinking. They had already started shooting, so my shields weren't 100% before I started dodging. I was so busy evading, I forgot to launch anything, even cloaking would have helped. The PTA's went ape. With such a target rich environment, all of them were shooting at something. With their level set at 100%, they drained the reserver quick, but by then, they'd done quite abit of damage. After 5 mins, I had reduced the hostiles to the Sunflash and 4 fighters, when one of them got a lucky shot through that totalled my reactor. I had just hit the retros when this happened, so I had about 450m/s reverse inertia going for me. Unfortunately, I lost weapon power. So after rolling ship into the sun (with damaged solar panels) I quickly powered the pta systems and left the IOD offline, and activated the launch control. This is when I launched craft. I had only 2 fighters able to go, and 2 shuttles. I just launched them all. The fighters went nuts. I told one shuttle to jump back to Earth, and told the other to tow my busted butt through. Back at Earth sector, I called my one surviving fighter through, and told everything to fly to GCHQ. On dock, I found 10 people dead, 50% of my systems destroyed, and quite a bit of radiation poisoning. It took over an hour to fix everything, and this was after the rad clean up and everybody being treated and rested so they could work again. I think the only thing holding my ship together was the paint. And even that was scuffed abit.
  14. The distortion (which your displays will show) is from a cloaked ship doing something. If your cloaked, the following (but not limited to) things will cause a distortion: Launching/Recovering Ships/probes Firing Weapons Activating EMD (your cloaked, WHY?) Bumping into something (I bumped a cloaked ship, go figure) etc
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