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  1. To all those who aren't an aussie may not get this and to all those who are New Zealenders, I mean no offence by this it is just how the joke goes. One day a cuban, a scotsman, a Australian, and a New Zealender were on a train in the same cubical. the Cuban reaches into his pocket pulls out a cigar, lights it, puffs on it once, and throws it out the window. the other three say "what are you doing they are the best cigars." The cuban says "My contry is full of them" The scotsman reaches into his pocket and pulls out scotch takes a swig and thows it out the window the others say "What are you doing thats the best stuff." the scotsman say " my country is full of the stuff. The aussie not to be out done grabs the New Zealender and throws him out the window.
  2. Hey my copy of uc was buggered up for a while sorry but it is working (I hope) I still wish to join I think I got the sig thing figured out. I hope u will accept my request to join thankyou Scobbo
  3. oops that was a bugger up in the URL this should do it
  4. Ok Is this the right sig format. Also I wish to join, If you let me. Sorry about jerking you guys around. Just I didn't know there was a specific sig format. Cheers Scobbo
  5. I can't get to my sys info edit thingy i found my specs where is it???
  6. Do you mean Research on the fleet? Don't you have a covert ops? I have purchased UC, and why do I need to sort out my sig I'm not a member of any fleet so i can't put my rank and fleet down. If you mean System Info I'll fix it when I find my comp specs sheet. But it is fast enough to not cause lag if thats what your worried about.
  7. That's good, I wish to join in covert-ops, however I am wondering which career to choose, commander, pilot or marine, could you please tell me which you need more of so I can sign up for a position via the sign up on fleet sign up page. I don't want this fleet to have to many Battle cruisers and not enough marines or visa versa. cheers Scobbo
  8. G'day is the EP really serious in every fleet like in prime if you don't submit anything oneday they th 5000 ep off ya. that is just silly
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