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  1. Due to my lack of affiliation with terrorists and/or terrorist organizations, my rights are just fine.
  2. "Why are you?" Not at all. I generally avoid the silliest of the liberalisms.
  3. "Please step down from your anti-Kerry/Liberal/"insert label here" soapbox long enough to look around and see with your own eyes what is going on." Are you preferential to the anti-corporate/Republicans are the sUx0r/Money Money Money/The Sky is falling soapbox?
  4. 38,000 people were killed by second hand smoke? Man, if every company on the planet demanded that their employees not smoke, they'd have to worry about second hand bullets coming their way.
  5. Gray: If it's south of I-80, I wouldn't be surprised
  6. I hate 90% of the movies I see. That number jumps up to 99.99% of the movies that are on the hunny-do list. You know...girlfriend comes home "Hunny, look I rented the Nell directors cut". That never works out. Usually I find myself in the dog house for making fun of movies that she really likes. Last night she noticed that some flick called "City of God" was on. It's a foreign film made by a bunch of Brizillians and entirely subtitled from it's Portuguese audio. I wasn't looking forward to the film. Premise is made clearly: Bunch of kids grow up in the ghetto and end up involved in a cycle of violence. Still...I'm not impressed. Sounds like a bunch of liberal propoganda to me (as, I find I can brush off a lot of movies like that, and be right regularly) But holy poop if this isn't the best movie I've seen in a _very_ long time. The characters are all intriguing. Once you figure out that you're watching them progress and bumping into them again throughout the film, you find yourself in kind of a slum soap opera. The film uses the gimmick of a lot of David Fincheresque high speed cuts and flashbacks. He does it in almost the exact same way as Fincher, only in this film it doesn't feel quite so contrived and cheap. The film is punctuated by some of the most intense violence I've ever seen on a screen. And when I say intense, I'm not talking about sleezy hollywood crap, I'm talking about some good ol' fashioned Stan Kubrick violence. That kind thing that's going to burn into your memory forever. Overall: I loved it. Of course, she hated it because she was hoping a Brazillian redux of Amilie or something.
  7. heheheheheh......except until somebody who does title sale law for a living gets their hands on it:)
  8. No no, you've missed a key part of your translation: "We are going to hatchet useless management and try to make something that's not total crap, while outsourcing mission essential but non-revenue producing functions to places other then the US"
  9. When one says "National security", they are referring to the security of the nation and all of it's interests and holdings. When one says "Federal security", one is referring to the security of the federal union. Seeing as our nation is a federal union, I fail to see how this little wording issue presents much of a problem. There were several instances in which elements of the PATRIOT Act have provided solid form in sniffing out some of the various methods of funding. In some of the southwest burbs of Chicago, there were several gentlemen arrested for aiding in the funding of terrorism. They did this by using specific tools provided to them by the PATRIOT Act. Oh well. It must be just a totalitarian conspiracy based on information gathered from the Echelon spy network and the International Widget Association.
  10. I just picked it up last night just before I went out and drank myself into a slight stupor. The game isn't easy to learn while drunk. It didn't seem to like my thrustmaster set up for whatever reason. I switched out to my ghetto saitek X-52 and everything is good. If you like depth and open play, this is you're kind of game. It even exceeds the depth of X2, which I previously thought would be a challenge.
  11. What's the difference between "Federal" and "National" in the context of security?
  12. "I too, can see how many people would gloss over this, however, this fact should not make Valve liable for their inattention to detail. " Oh no way.....it still completely defies conventional logic that an internet connection is required for single player gaming. The only way thats going to stick is if it says "Internet Connection is Required to Play Single Player". I'm pretty sure I've never said they can be held liable for anything, however, that doesn't mean that the HL2 debacle is going to die easy. Valve might get a stigma... I guess the bottom line is an issue of responsibility. I don't think an EULA is ever really legally binding (thus determining that it's illegal is moot) and I'm pretty sure you're not going to be able to ever catch Valve on anything because their min-sys specs are a bit [insert word you're comfortable with to describe it]. So you're left with more of a question of effective business practices. [ 02-10-2005, 11:49 AM: Message edited by: JerkFace ]
  13. To be honest: I could understand how one with the intent of playing single player would gloss over/and or misunderstand it. I probably would.
  14. quote:That wasn't the issue. The issue was that STEAM was not mentioned in HL2 EULA at all and it is an essential part of being able to play the game. I think it absolutely is the issue. A company's right to defend itself from acts of piracy supercedes whatever is contained within the EULA. That is, entirely predicated on the EULA not having a "subject to change, with or without notice" clause. Heck, I'm not even sure that clause is required, based on some of the ins and outs of First Sale. I think maybe we're missing the real issue here. The EULA may be irrelevant anyway. It's about as legally binding as a grade school field trip permission slip.
  15. I don't think that you're ever going to see a court in the United States rule on the illegitimacy of steam or any of it's practices, largely as if I'm not mistaken, it serves as a great way to fend off piracy. Of course, due to the fact the makers of HL2 have previously made fools of themselves with the vaporware thing and are now showing off even more silliness with this Steam fiasco, I think you can be rest assured that _if_ we ever see a Steam type thing again, it will work much much better.
  16. quote:If it was an American that would state such a thing, I would go off the fricking walls. but since you live in Europe, I am giving you a break.... That's the funniest thing I've read recently. I think I like it here.
  17. "Given that, they get A LOT of money per month. And the government wants to get involved Over all: KEEP THE LAW OUT OF IT!" Probably a dumb way of making my first post, but: 1. Asking large corporations to keep the law out of it, is like asking me not to look at internet porn. Sure, it sounds like something that can be done...but there's still that urge. 2. The NCsoft thing is wacky, to say the least. It's kind of like WB taking the makers of 3000ad to court because LostInSpace uses Marvin the Martian as his avatar. 3. People sit around all day and play video games as a job in a 'digital sweat shop'? Hell...I was just getting used to the idea of a LANparty. But now I can get paid to do it? I'm dropping out of law school.
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