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  1. noonie

    UC 2.00.20 Patch Released

    For some reason the problem was down to IE... I just downloaded the patch using Firefox and it worked first time, with a good md5. Thank you for your help!
  2. noonie

    UC 2.00.20 Patch Released

    I've tried downloading the patch several times now and upon using WinMD5 again it comes up with errors and says the file is bad each time. The file should be called uc2.00.20.exe (according to the md5) but each time i click the download link i get a file uc[1].00.20.exe with the bad md5 checksum. Any thoughts? I hoped to be able to play the tutorial!
  3. noonie

    UC 2.00.20 Patch Released

    I've downloaded the patch file and checked the md5sum file which reports it as good. However when I execute the patch it throws an error stating that it is and "Invalid Patch File". I've tried running it from the game directory and elsewhere. I am running UC v2.00.00