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  1. Oh man, an here I hoped for a happy day myself... sucks to be non-American
  2. I quick question now you've mentioned Dark Basic. Anybody tried the Dark SDK, which is a C++ API to the Dark engine?
  3. Amen to that. Precisely whats fuelling the Mohammed case these days....
  4. Yeah, thanks a lot for your dedication and hard work. I now know that you put a lot of time into this even though your wrote that you wouldn't look into it until you could reproduce ..... I think thats really impressive A big thanks from a dedicated fan from Denmark
  5. Ok, I just tried the D2D before I went for the SF version. My updater just quit without any message. Anyway, I tested the SF version, and it seems to work fine. I got intruders, and as usual the intruders section was collapsed, but now I was able to expand it without any issues. Some were taken prisoners and I think the prisoners section is now aligned above the intruders instead of below? I might be mistaken, can't remember. Well, it seem to work fine. I will try to run some tests the next few days on different screen resolutions and the D2D version also. I'll let you know if I find anything.
  6. I'm currently downloading with the updater. Used your D2D to SF conversion exe you sent me. Then I found out that my updater is still looking for the D2D update, so I had to find out what your SF updateinfo XML was named. I'm now trying with http://downloads.3000ad.com/updateinfo.xml in the settings.ini file. Hope this works
  7. Hmm, I just tried to re-install UCAWA, install the new DirectX and run the updater (D2D) to v.1.00.12. I get the same error (floating point not loaded). I'm gonna try to re-install and try again with my SF version and patch 1.00.13 tomorrow.
  8. I've simply been waiting to get home from work
  9. Ah, prisoners. That would explain the rare occurrence of this. Can't wait to try it out. Great!!!
  10. quote:I have seven PCs in my lab and with a variety of configs. NONE of them exhibit this problem.Yes, I know from earlier issues that you're very thorough in your testing. Thats why I'm gonna let this issue go, because if you could reproduce it, I think you would've done it by now. quote:btw, that Dr. Watson report you posted didn't come from the recent .12 release, did it?No, I think it was from the .12.02 SF test release you gave me at that time. You're right, let's just let it go for now.
  11. It's still the same issue, so I don't ask you to get into this again. I don't want you to waste your time on something you can't reproduce. I just wanted to understand the Dr. Watson dump so I could get a clue of whats going on with my system. Apparently your system is totally immune to this error, so I think I'm gonna let this go until I have a way to reproduce it, and have this verified by at least two other people. I've gotten several PM's from people who's been experiencing the same issue with totally different systems. So please, just forget this issue until I have something concrete to give you. Until then, I will shut up about this, at least in the tech suppport forum. Thanks.
  12. Hi, one question for anyone who can read these crash dump file from dr. watson (I sure don't know how). What does the following mean: code:function: UCAWA!PERSON_CLASS__active 0046184c cc int 3 0046184d cc int 3 0046184e cc int 3 0046184f cc int 3 UCAWA!PERSON_CLASS__active: 00461850 55 push ebp 00461851 8bec mov ebp,esp 00461853 51 push ecx 00461854 894dfc mov [ebp-0x4],ecx 00461857 8b45fc mov eax,[ebp-0x4] FAULT ->0046185a 0fbf80b2030000 movsx eax,word ptr [eax+0x3b2] ds:0023:203523d2=???? 00461861 83e002 and eax,0x2 00461864 8be5 mov esp,ebp 00461866 5d pop ebp 00461867 c3 ret 00461868 cc int 3 00461869 cc int 3 0046186a cc int 3 0046186b cc int 3 0046186c cc int 3 0046186d cc int 3Does it necessarily mean that a fault occurred while in function PERSON_CLASS__ACTIVE?
  13. I don't think that we should try to find a logical reason of the behavior in the middle-east at the moment. I think that it's not about the cartoon, it's not about what the US & coalition did in Afghanistan or Iraq, but about the old-fashioned dictatorships of the middle-east trying to hold the power by creating a common enemy, the wester-style society. That plus the people being desperate of living in such a strict environment. No matter if we all begged on our knees and apologized for our way of living being different than their restricted society concept, it still wouldn't matter. They only hear what their censorship lets through, so no matter what WE do, the people still makes up their mind based on what info they receive. So I don't think it will matter even if we in Denmark introduce death penalty for drawing Mohammed. Well, thats my opinion anyway.
  14. Hey, thanks for the advice SC, I'm just posting this crash dump info from Dr. Watson, in case you can use it for anything. UCAWA Dr. Watson crash dump
  15. Aaaaand finally another song to complete the day: http://www.nerdherdstudios.com/flag/
  16. Pretty old but still funny http://www.ihimlen.dk/flash/alqaeda.htm
  17. Thanks Well, it gets you thinking when you realize how many lies and miscommunication that goes around. I am of the belief (and somewhat naive) that all problems like these would cease to exist if people had some way of knowing how the opposing side in the conflict felt, and really FELT. Much hatred is based on assumptions and the need of an enemy. You define your allies through the terms of an enemy. If we hadn't had religion, it would be other things as skin colour, hair colour, geographic orientation and other details that seperates individuals. It's just in our nature. Here the other day I saw an interview with a Palestine inhabitant which declared that "It is outrageous that the Danish censorship allow this kind of publications". This just shows that the people down there have NO clue how we live. If we can't understand each others basic society concept, then we can't judge each others reactions. I just bet, that even how much I agree with my American buddies in this conflict, I would assume that I would react exactly like the muslims in the middle east, if I was born and raised in the middle east. Well, thats just my belief. But still I feel how much the racist inside me shouts and gets stronger during a conflict like this. A part of me wants to believe that they are TRULY evil.
  18. quote: http://www.islam-online.net/English/Views/...article03.shtml Hmm, pretty good article. I'm pretty much of the same opinion as you guys. But I don't think that this issue is about the danish cartoons anymore. This has become a political matter. In 3-4 months after the publication there were no reaction at all. Then suddenly all hell breaks loose. I think that there 4 sides of this: * The political "manipulator" hiding in the background spreading lies and rumors, * the extremists glad of the opportunity to make some noise, * the general mob which just believes the propaganda which is fed to them. * the media showing only the "exciting stuff" so each side only see the "extremities" of the opposing side. No doubt the middle-east dictatorships sees this as an opportunity to gather their people around them and get their support by providing a "common enemy". Syria is a dictatorship and a police-state. If they would have wanted to stop the riots, they sure well would have succeeded. I think the people in these countries are so frustrated and suppressed, that when they get the opportunity they let all their anger run out on something completely arbitrary. Another thing is, that most of the things that are protested against in the middle-east, hasn't really taken place in Denmark. Rumors say the the Koran has been burned in public with the blessing of the Danish government, and half the cartoons showed in arabic tv has never been in Danish papers (as stated in the article referred above). Also the Danish tv new, and (I think) CNN stated that Syria has withdrawn their ambassador from Denmark. Syria hasn't got an embassy in Denmark. Where does all these rumors come from? And one last thing, about 70% of the Danish people do not know who Mohammed is. Then how should we make fun of him, or apologize about the cartoons? Well, just had to let out a little steam
  19. Yes, I can certainly understand your standpoint in this, but let me give you a great THANKS and for trying to help. Hope I will be able to supply better information at some point in the future. Maybe it will correct itself in a future Nvidia driver update. Cruiser.
  20. I've now "succeeded" to get the CTD while dragging the bottom bar with the SF v1.00.12.02 both in full screen and in windowed 1024x768 + 800x600. The error msg is the same as before. I have one question though. As you can see on some of the images I have linked to in my previous posts, the arrow is pointing UP in the intruders title bar, while in any other section, when collapsed, the arrow in the corresponding title bar is pointing down. I've no idea what this means? Well, thats all from me.... for now at least.
  21. I'm still testing, but don't think I can supply a savegame where the intruders section is collapsed. In my experience you have to be watching PERSCAN WHILE you are being boarded. If you exit PERSCAN, and enter it again, the section is aligned normally again. I've not been able to reproduce the first type of intruders CTD with the 12 Meg SF version. By first type I mean CTD while intruders section expanded. With the SF version I've only seen the CTD while dragging the section "end of log" bar. I've not reproduced a CTD since I updated my drivers, so I will also test the "clean" D2D install again using these new BETA 82.12 drivers.
  22. quote: If you are running the SF executable (it is about 12MB) I sent you, it has debug information and should display more info than what you have displayed above. Are you sure you are running the correct UCAWA.EXE file? Yes, I am executing the 12 meg file that you sent me. When I run the game, It's displaying v1.00.12. It's not displaying any further crash information than this. Will try some more times though. quote: You seem to be running at 1024x768 and you should be able to display ALL 20 marines on the left pane. The only time you will see 19 marines on the left-pane, is if you drag the top part of the right-pane up/down. Yes, when I'm running full screen 1024x768 all marines fit on the left, but when I run /w1, even if my ucconfig.ini says 1024x768, apparantly the screen only gets 1024x755? You can see this on the screenshot resolution in one of the shots in post above. quote: The ONLY time a window can be resized, is if it has been shrunk. You can left-click on any window heading and drag up/down to shrink/expand it. And I need to know WHICH pane you are dragging that is causing the CTD. When I'm watching the PERSCAN, the intruders section is collapsed per default apparantly. I have to resize it to see the intruders. Sometimes this does not cause a CTD though. I've uploaded an image from a test with full screen where I indicate what bar I drag to resize the intruders section. quote: You also need to try running at 800x600 and let me know if it crashes when you attempt to resize the window. EDIT: You might want to update your drivers. The latest is 82.12 Ok, I will try this. Thanks.
  23. Ok, will try tomorrow morning first thing, and answer your questions. Have to hit the sheets now. One thing though, if I reproduce the error, and it crashes, how can I save the game if it has already crashed? Thanks.
  24. I get the error: AppName: ucawa.exe AppVer: ModName: ucawa.exe ModVer: Offset: 0006185a Anything else you need?
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