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  1. Al Wright

    Ship Blueprints

    ~S~ After watching myself :>) walking through the ship (Megaton) and tryin to figure out where I started from, also when intruders get onboard - anyway was looking for some Blueprints of the Ships for printing out to look at. Any links would be greatful.
  2. Al Wright

    Signature Tests Here Only!!!

    Sig Test
  3. Al Wright

    Best carriers (...at least I think so)

    Megaron is the best all round. Good for just about everything But Landing on the Moon2
  4. Al Wright

    Gaming - The case for digital distribution

    If the gameing industry could be 100% sure that our card #s were safe than yes I will buy on line. But until that time sorry no thanks.
  5. Al Wright

    Universal Combat Tutorial Discussions

    Well as a first time player in this UC world, WHAT A BLAST!!! ty
  6. Al Wright

    About Dreamcatcher Forums - Please Read

    The people hope to find a game that they can play, better grafs and win in one day are the only ones who seems to post on that board. The UC is the best I have come across in some time. Ty DS for the time and fantastic vision for the ones who Loved BC.
  7. Al Wright

    New recruits wanting to join, report here

    S! Have all patches finiched the tutdes 3 time Excellent btw and requesting permition to come aboard sir