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  1. Thanks all answered. I shall try to ask on another (I am sorry for my bad English language): How the brought down ship to tow off a shuttle (with the help of a shuttle) up to station?
  2. 2Brandon: Thanks for the information! Now became a little more clear.
  3. The next questions. Help please: 1. How to force the shuttle to join station that, for example to buy spare parts or something to sell? On command "Fly to..." he simply flies up to station and starts to turn around of it, not trying to join. 2. Except for that it is completely not clear as to act in a situation when it is necessary to hold on the padded ship a shuttle up to station.
  4. Earlier there was an information, that in demo there will be an opportunity to take the ships on boarding. I try it to make, soot of commandoes in a shuttle, I specify on the ship - do not fly. It is not realized or at me a hand curves? Beforehand thanks. [This message has been edited by Faramir (edited 04-03-2001).]
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