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  1. Rael

    PCI-e card users,I need help

    One guy in the guru3d forum suggested it may just be the way it looks in the game. I checked the game shot's page for UC, but didn't find one that shows clouds from near. however, i found a ground-shot where you can see pixel artifacts in the clouds. http://www.3000ad.com/pics/uc/photo884.jpg (zoom in and look at the big clouds)
  2. Rael

    PCI-e card users,I need help

    I started a thread about this at guru3d. http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=136597 IF there is a solution to it, these guys should have the knowledge. Also I'd like to hear from other Graphics cards' users, if they see clouds "cubed" too with PS on, since the guy at guru3d suggested it's in the game. (which i doubt)
  3. Rael

    PCI-e card users,I need help

    You wanna buy a new card just because the pixel shader gives these "cube" effects in a COUPLE of games and only a handful of places? That's funny. Seriously, the Geforce shader hardware is more advanced than Ati's.. i would just wait for a driver release.
  4. Rael

    PCI-e card users,I need help

    The pixellation in the ad is there, because in that part of the ad there is a movie played. .. that's all pixelation i see there. I don't see our problem relating to fast lighting changes as your link to these forums suggest. maybe try enforcing pixel shader v.2 and see how it goes?
  5. Rael

    PCI-e card users,I need help

    Yeah, i have the same effect in earth clouds. I have a Leadtek Winfast A6600 GT TDH.. thats the AGP variant. I don't think it is a card problem.. we all know Nvidia drivers are still not perfect.
  6. Rael

    Crew Pics from BCMG to UC

    I would try opening the UC pictures in Photoshop and just paste the BCMG pic over it, apply some green (how u like it) and just save it in the same format/size/color setting.
  7. Hmm.. honestly i haven't paid that much attention to the Schiavo case, hence i cant give a profound opinion. Just another example of a hype for an example case. No one hypes thousands of starving people a day. But i see, that this is a controversial topic, and should also be adressed. BUT i think, nomad's statement about Jag should go to a dictatorship country that supports his views.. look, the laws are not ultimate. The PEOPLE are what makes up a country, not its government, nor laws, nor jurisdiction. Those are all tools for the "machine" that we created to keep ourselves regulated. Judges can be wrong, laws can be wrong, everything can be. The only thing that (usually) is fail safe, is the feeling that you have in your breast. Apart from all set-up morales, the feeling that something is either right and good, under the eyes of god, or not. Personally i think (bash me), that many disabled people are "kept alive" by the care institutions. Also, their care is mostly a joke. They can do whatever they want, those people are not gonna talk back now, are they? I know this is a generalization, but i've often seen it. Also, some friends have told me about their experiences in the healthcare (in Germany u can either do 9 months of military service, or social service), and they are mostly bad. I know there are other cases too. But to keep someone alive just to turn them around in the bed 2 times a day, feed and bathe them, while the only thing they can do is drivel out of their mouth.. that is not living. I'm talking about the hard cases here. No one knows if they "want" to live, or die, or what of their mind and soul is still there and observing. No one will be able to tell either. If the things said about that Woman's husband are correct, then the judges might have been largely wrong. Still, can you see inside the husband's mind? What if the said things are right, but he still honestly feels that she wants or deserves to die? I think it's not for us to make the big opinions here. I hope you guys are not gonna rip each others brains out. By the way, shame on you for saying such bad things about us Europeans. We all know this part of the world is the less stupid one. (on the stupidity scale America scores a clear 9.. we are somewhere in the 7's) profound opinion, eh?
  8. Rael

    Name your favorite ship!

    The Megaron is easily the most powerful all-round Ship. The shields are insane, but compared to the Nightstar it also has a very good Fighter complement. I won't even talk bout the PTA. Gotta love the looks, too.. in UC it looks even more like a Bird of Prey.. imagine the thing cloaking on ya. For cruisers umm.. cant help it.. Starwarrior!! Gotta love the smallish pirate look and warp speed. It's also kinda fun to not use the sharpest knive in the drawer.. especially when going against NPC's. For UC it's hard to decide for me tho. I think the design team has done a great job with all the ships. Ships i like to fly just for the looks: Warmonger, Firestorm, Sentry, Garid, the Battlecruisers (for oldschool style), Starlance, L-Fighter, Templon, Starmonk (most improved )
  9. Rael

    New Commander

    Come on, not everybody can join Prime. That would be kinda unhealthy for competition dontcha think. Got an offer from Chavik to join his Group(s) as AAE .. umm.. i don't know yet what use AAE is and when u play as that so umm. Guess i read that stuff up. But i'd like to Chavik!
  10. That is relative. It has some full servers 24/7. When you're bored you always can join the "Miami Vehicles" server which has mostly about 40 people of moderate skill playing with lots of war-toys. There are also bout a dozen well-attended clan servers. Taken that you manage to get to register your game of course.
  11. I agree, Tribes 2 owns. You can still get it for free online btw, although i doubt FilePlanet is still giving out keys. Grab it at THIS PLACE.
  12. Rael

    ISS fleet training program pinboard

    Yeah, i can pretty much make any times, euro afternoon to um.. 2 am.
  13. Rael

    New recruits wanting to join, report here

    Thanks. Cmdr. Rael, reporting for duty, sir!
  14. Rael

    New recruits wanting to join, report here

    Hello. As i put it, ISS fleet is in need of reliable commanders. I hereby apply Be it defense or intelligence ops, i'm ready!
  15. I did it! Originally, the keycode screen would only accept a few of my keys, no matter what they were actually mapped.. even tho it already seemed to be a foreign mapping. I set an US scheme under Language-> key settings and voilà .. it was the ß key. I'm happy.