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  1. Greetings commander Ward, it will be a pleasure to train and fight with you
  2. I'm really sorry Ben, Things just get more and more hectic here at school and other RL stuff, i barely have free time left. And on top of that i'm having difficulty with my computer hardware upgrade, it doesnt even want to boot up now. I'll do my best to get AWA and your missions running before wendsday!
  3. Sorry for the delay, i'm burried in school work at the moment, although i'd very much like to join the season. However not as a team leader as i feel i would not be active enough to lead a team (as evident in the last test season )
  4. Availability time GMT: Sunday 18:00 GMT - 22:00 GMT Sorry...getting buisy again
  5. Damn Ben, that must have been a awfull experience But i dont understand what happened? did you have a reaction to the food in combination with the drugs or something? Glad to hear your back now, i hope you get well soon
  6. the 12th is fine with me, more time to train
  7. Then I propose we do the match at 8 PM GMT (thats 9 PM our time right Ben? winter time and all....more confusion )
  8. Hey Everyone, Due to real life being even more taxing on my spare time then I originally expected, I unfortunally have to conclude that I do not have the time to lead the ISS Fleet team in the Fleet Action trial season. I sencerely appolgize for this. When i accepted the position, i had no idea I would be so buisy the next few weeks. As I do not expect this to change for at least 3 weeks, I hereby officially resign my position as leader of the ISS Fleet team and put my vice leader Prez in charge of the team. If at all possible, I do wish to stay in the ISS Fleet team as a normal member, so I can participate when I have more free time. As much as I want to participate in this trial season, I do not want to be the person slowing everyones effords down. Again my appologies. Best regards, Marc
  9. Ok people lets post our availability. Mine is as followed: Saturday and Sunday from 17:00 - 20:00 (5 - 8 PM) GMT. I'm sorry this is the best I can do taking real life events into account. This may be a trail season, but lets make it a good one ISS Fleet, report in!
  10. I'm already swamped as you know Ben. I'm still coding whenever i find the time. But back on the orginal topic, dang i'm late with this. CONGRATULATIONS CASE!
  11. Welcome commander Rasan and commander Case , I'm sure both of your training in the academy will go well. See you guys in space!
  12. Just got back, Congratulations Ben , Just take your time with the family, we can handle whatever fleet related things come up for the time being, so just enjoy your new son
  13. Haha, unbelievable! Especially the end with the taxi driver
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