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  1. OH...I know though...a pretty dumb question really here, but asking all the same so who-ever visits knows as well too: In SP, when the final revision comes uot though for UC...revert the AI to attack you once more though SC? In SP it is missed for some that I know of here who love UC...as well as I. THE CHALLENGE in it for UC... I answer for myself initially, knowing that your working AWA Initial-release, AND in the background, caring about us still playing UC too, as well knowing you SC.. must keep supporting what your putting out too. I myself, am personally honored to be part of Prime here, but I cannot and WILL not speak for any of them either when I type this next Derek: Many, desipite the actual Fleet they are resided and devoted with at this time, will not likely say something like this for all to see either. Don't know whether it's guts or just a willingness to speak...to me here at this time though... I became part of Prime Fleet because I thought it was a good choice for me...and I stand by my decision on that, whether I'm a present Wing Leader or even an Ensign as I stand here with you Derek... I don't know what the Beta-Testers have said to you or with you either, it's just my PERSONAL opinion here, that we keep the League going for now till it ends this year....it started before the 'legal' stuff came up for competition here too under the program 'UC'... Not all of us involved with UC League knows what involves the 'legal' involvements under it FOR UC in this case really...I have a VERY good understanding of it here though...not fully, but a good enough understanding of it to know whats really happening here for you Derek... DC can't stop ANY of us putting up a server, and if the connections are good enough, keeping US from finishing out the sheduled year as such for League Activities... ....in that respect SC (Derek Smart)...IF you choose to....I don't think Dream Catcher can stop you from hosting a site for competitions and such, for...an ESTABLISHED LEAGUE composed of PRRIME, BALOR, DEMOLITION....and such (to name a few there)...spread throughout countries around the world, utilizing UC for a TEAM COMBAT EXPERIENCE... Derek...I Myself do not speak as Wing Leader for Alpha MP in Prime Fleet here....I stand alone in my words as of this post Overall... I do not feel they can stop you from helping he League out here.... Remo,Ben ,Chavik...otherwise, ...ANY Derek. I ask you......fight WITH us... WE WANT to finish this year out SC.....let us ok?
  2. (I'm NOT saying that I would allow a copy to transfer mind-you....I have an original here too)...) I meant is this: If you can get it, then simply can participate is all ...FS2 is a pretty good game there, I liked it alot too as well, but if you have it..upgrade and whatnot, then see what happens...for FS2, used to be part of a Fleet there as well before it flopped...
  3. If yo owned the FS original, or used to have the FS2 cd's.....ask around...maby ones who have them will let you 're-live' the moment there for FS2...
  4. Interesting LIS....I myself reciently GAVE my copy to a friend of mine that likes the game...but, will pass the info to her all the same and see if she wants to use it or not
  5. Far as I'm concerned here in that, may there be no-body hurt that are concerned as 'innocents' in that case...
  6. Myself, have learned some of their language (Russian)....I personally feel that if they have the brains and the willingness to participate though, (an of course know English too )...that they be allowed to participate on the servers in UC atleast. I speak as myself, NOT representing Prime either in this case btw, but any nationality, then be allowed to if they choose, nothing more, to be with us...any team or group, or upon their own accord as well
  7. One fact though, regarding the RC16 path in our case....this month is NOT counted for ANY Team. As far as I understand though, any matches held (or Duels), will be counted all the same, but the requirements for THIS month will be dis-regarded for requirements for a team to participate in 2 matches overall. I re-iterate Ben, unless Remo says otherwise, this months participation is NOT counted regarding issues with the RC16 patch, so for attendance for teams, this month of July is NOT counted for the established rules set-forth now. I state it as under the pretence as follows (by my understanding): If a team cannot hold 2 matches in a month, and cannot hold another 2 matches witin 2 months time, then they be dropped from the League....July is the exception now regarding the Patch RC16. If the team has not met the requirements (dis-regarding July), then yes Ben, following requirements and rules, then be dropped. I simply follow the RULES as set-forth, but I do not keep track of other teams, for I take care of what I am assigned to...and if I'm wrong Ben, then am sorry for interceding here, but am putting forth what is known by me at this present time, and my personal interpretation.
  8. When we're both on before the match then Ben...see you there.
  9. Yep Ben, we can have it before OR after the match...whatever works better for you there.
  10. How about we leave cloaking out? It does seem more fun seeing where the enemys going and doing than wondering then getting pummeled to no tomorrow
  11. I dunno really...both of you have very good points on that as well (Lost and Jaguar). I do know it's the jury's right to check with any known laws that have been established as well too, but the Bible IS a sort of law reference, and it is a basis that many judicial systems have begun with as well. Now, granted, yes, there are MANY interpretations to it, that is true, but it is it's essence that carries on through every version as well. I'm not saying their utilizing the Bible for a reference is right or wrong in their case either, but this CAN end up being a very touchy subject to debate over too. When it comes to a persons religion, it can become 'heated' if not careful in words that are said or typed as well. If anything, if the jurors have agreed amongst themselves (as the 'peers') in that event though, that they should be able to refer to any 'law' that has been placed into print in any case, but keep in mind that they do follow the latest issued laws established at the same time. Myself, I can understand why they did what the did, and as well to me, I also understand that they we're utilizing whatever sources availiable to them as well...it is a jurors right, as long as the law is followed, and the 'due process' is followed (all laws established, amended, ect.)....then when it comes to their decision, then it should be honored really, but it rests on the Judge though in the final decision there. That's all I will say on it here.
  12. Wonderful news...Congratulations. Hehe...now we just got to wait a few years to challenge the little tyke
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