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    BC3000AD 2.09 Freeware version

    Thanks a bunch! It worked, no problems at all... now I just need to get my mouse working, for some reason it has trouble moving side-to-side but works perfect going up/down
  2. I downloaded the freeware version, and after following and mixing up steps from a few of the posts to get it working, it is working much better than before, the graphics have stopped being chopy etc, but thats just for the starting animation After that it asks me to put in a CD, I don't know what I'm supposed to do here because it says the game is freeware so I shouldn't need the CD I have the V2.0 CD (something like that) and had it working on my old computer and I really like the game and wanted to get it working again and play around with it before I got to buy a newer version of the game If anyone can help me past the CD screen it would be great (I am using windows xp) Thank you